Features You Should Look for When Purchasing an Electric Bicycle

If you’ve never ridden electric bikes for adults, the prospect of buying your own can be daunting. How can you tell if an e-bike is quality-made and if it suits your needs? Fortunately, finding the right electric bicycle is easier than it seems.

First and foremost, an electric bike isn’t too different from a regular bike; it just has a few more parts to make your ride easier. With this in mind, here are five things to consider when shopping for an e-bike.

1. Affordable Price

Electric bikes come in a wide range of prices, from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand. Obviously this is a big investment, but going with a more expensive model may pay off in the long run.

E-bikes have a few additional parts:

  • Motor
  • Battery
  • LCD display

These can be costly to replace, so you’re better off with original components that are high-quality and long-lasting. That said, you don’t have to buy the most expensive option, but it’s important not to settle for a subpar bike just because it’s cheaper.

2. Range Capabilities

Like any electric vehicle, you’ll need to charge your electric bike’s battery in between rides. The big question is: How long will the battery last on the road? Larger batteries that can hold more power are going to be more expensive, but if you plan to commute to work or otherwise ride long distances, you’ll need a battery to match. Otherwise, you’ll be stranded in the middle of your commute with a bike that’s much heavier than anticipated.

3. Powerful Motor

Whether you’re looking for a men’s or women’s electric bike, the motor matters. It’s what turns a regular bike into an e-bike and allows you to tackle even difficult terrain with relative ease.

There are two different types of motors, each of which has its own benefits and downsides. The first is the hub motor, which doesn’t manage hills well, but is very quiet. This may be a good choice if you intend to ride around the neighborhood. The crank motor assist, on the other hand, is great for hills and tough terrain, but is significantly noisier. If you intend to use your e-bike for hiking trails and off-roading, this is the better option.

4. Preferred Type of Drive

When you buy an e-bicycle, you can either get one with a throttle or one that automatically adds the appropriate amount of motor assist depending on your pedaling. Most bikes are the second, as it’s easier on the rider, but if you prefer to have a little more control, you may prefer the throttle.

5. Best Fit

Of course, one of the most important things when looking for a bike — electric or otherwise — is if it’s comfortable. Look for a bike that suits your height and riding preferences so you can get the most use out of it.

From big and tall electric bikes to models for petite statures, there are a wide range of options for people seeking an e-bike of their own. With thorough research, you can get an electric bicycle that you love and use for years to come.

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