A tale of the wrestler


Fred Aspervil


October 1, 1997


22 years old




5’10 feet



Life story:

Fred Aspervil, aka Freddy Coleg, is a wrestler by profession. He was born in Haiti, and he has a great interest in sporting activities since childhood. He used to wake up early in the morning and accompany his father in jogging and walk. He went back home first and get ready for school.

We often seen players only concentrate on their game, but he is one of its kind. He is not only a great wrestler but also a bright student. His teachers were also very happy with his academic progress and performance. His love for sports provoked him to practice and watch the legends of the games.

He used to read books in his spare time and practice the wrestlers’ unique and attractive moves. He also used to watch wrestling tournaments and follow the activities of the other wrestlers.

School life:

During his school days, he performs extraordinarily in studies, and everyone cherished him for that. His educators consistently praise and motivate him to bring good results every time. Freddy Coleg has tremendous interest in wrestling, and his adoration for wrestling has no bound. When he entered secondary school, he realized all was good and well, thus following a couple of days in school, he joined the wrestling club and was focused on it till his graduation. He was intensely committed and polished in his skills. He forced himself to perform hard practices, and his difficult work, at last, took care of when he was given the best grappler in Reading High school. He represented his school in various wrestling rivalries and returned with belts.

Education and sports:

Although most Fred Coleg’s time was spent rehearsing for wrestling, he never let down his parents in front of his parents. His best subject was physical training, which he generally goes with a differentiation.

Today, he is no longer wrestles since he left secondary school; he never halted his day by day work out, which has become part of his routine life. He sets aside out effort to visit the exercise center each day, and he empowers his companions and partners at work to do the equivalent since staying in shape is as significant to him as food is to the body. He accepts that with the appropriate exercise of the body, the body will have more endurance, and you will have the psyche to beat the pressure of the day.

Freddy Coleg today:

Freddy Coleg is as of now an inspirational speaker and takes the world tour where he will train and educate youngsters, training them on how best they can be dependable and fruitful throughout everyday life. He accepts that there is no alternate route to progress and that we should all address the cost of achievement, which is difficult work. He prompted youngsters to invest their energy well and utilize their energetic solidarity to stir their way up to progress for a period that will come when they don’t have the option to do it.

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