4 Best Tips for Defining Your Core Values

Core values are the beliefs at the center of your brand. When established and prioritized correctly, core values help you stay true to your brand’s mission and story.

Jay Mandel, certified brand coach at Your Brand works with his clients on establishing the importance of core values. Mandel said, “When you define your core values, they guide the decisions you make. My life changed when I defined my core values, and since then, I have refined the process and have helped many people have life-changing revelations that forever changed their lives.”

Discovering your brand’s core values can frame your brand story, guide your business decisions and lead to increased conversions. Brand core values save you work and increase the effectiveness of your efforts!

1. Consider What You Want Your Brand to Be Known For

When people talk about your brand, what do you want them to say? Write down what comes to mind. What are the main takeaways you want your client to have after a point of contact with your brand? Use this information to establish what values you want to function as the face of your brand. By identifying these values, you can establish concrete plans to work towards them.

2. Scout Out The Competition

Make a list of brands or people who you admire within your industry. Now consider what it is that you like about them. Make a list of these characteristics and see which ones are applicable to your brand. Notice any themes or patterns developing that guide you towards your brand values. This can also be reversed and what you don’t want your brand to be known for can be considered. Remember an awful encounter you had with a brand and think about why it was so unpleasant. Consider the values that would ensure your customer wouldn’t have a similar experience with your brand.

3. Reflect On What You’re Already Doing

Why do you do the things you do for your brand? If you prioritize getting back to customers within 24 hours, ask yourself why it is that you do that. If the reason is exceptional customer service, what does that say about your brand? Going through your daily tasks with this approach is a great way to see not only what your brand values are, but how you are currently working towards them. This is also a great time to identify tasks that aren’t relevant to your core values and allocating that time towards endeavors that are.

4. Ask Others

An outside opinion can be a great way to gain insight into what your brand’s core values are. To learn about existing perceptions of your brand, consider asking a trusted colleague open ended questions about what characteristics they think represent your brand. For a more formalized approach, send a survey to your clients, customers, and colleagues asking them to select the top 5 values that best describe your brand from a list of options.

In conclusion, your brand’s core values are quintessential to framing your brand’s story and all of your following business decisions. For more tips and tricks about discovering your brand’s values, check out Your Brand.

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