Why orphan charity is so urgent in today’s society

Nowadays there are a lot of happy, healthy children who have parents and a family that is most important. But unfortunately, there are other children who are much less fortunate, these are orphans who have neither parents nor family. Orphans are not like ordinary children who have a father and a mother, orphans are special. An orphan has experiences much in his life. Someone was left without parents when a small child, but someone when a teenager. These children live with a great emotional trauma and are in an alarming condition. In most cases these children have mothers, but alas, they are somewhere very far away from them. Such mothers usually give birth to children but they realize in advance that they will not have means to grow, educate, feed, clothe and shod their children. As a result, they just refuse from them or bring them to the orphanage.

For any child, to get to the orphanage is the most scary and unpleasant event in his life, no one wants to live parentless. To live, to grow and develop in an orphanage is not easy. Orphans know that they differ from other children who have parents. They understand they are deprived of love, care, attention that every child having mom and dad possess. A child who is placed to the orphanage, lives in constant fear. They are very often unhappy with themselves, their lives and those around them. Orphans lose the meaning of life, they are often depressed, and as a result, they are aggressive. Orphans who were separated from their mother and brought to an orphanage, can’t develop good personal qualities. Orphanage is usually unhappy place for living. It will never be like home, with the most important for any child – mother’s love and care.

In any orphanage a child will always be surrounded with similar orphans and caregivers who are responsible for him. All this generates in child the sense of insecurity, he feels helpless and useless, it is very depressing and finally, an orphan lags in mental development. Orphans are very often sick. Children who are brought up in orphanages are often unable to control their emotions, as a result, they are gloomy, unsociable and hostile with others. Their elf-esteem is very low. On the one hand, orphans grow up aggressive, but on the other hand, they are very vulnerable and insecure, they always want to protect themselves from anyone else. Such children need a special approach, to make them feel comfortable and restrained.

If speaking about orphan charity in Ukraine, first and foremost we mean Hope Now USA Christian organization that helps orphans to connect with the community. One of the basic conditions for the full development of any child is a well-formed psychological security or the awareness of the possibility to satisfy all needs and fulfill rights in an unfavorable situation.

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