Can House Siding be Painted

As dedicated residents, we are doing our best to make our house as visually appealing as possible. But no matter how much we take care of our homes curb appeal, with decades of exposure to the sun, our homes siding does fade. If your siding has faded, or is just old and worn, what is the best approach on reviving our siding? Is it a good idea to just power wash it, should you paint your siding, or should you choose to go with siding replacement?

Restoring your existing siding, vs installing new siding

For residents who wish to do the right thing for their houses and their bank accounts, the painting vs. replacing dilemma may be overwhelming. Luckily we are here in order to help you make the right choice depending on your particular case.

What to consider :

Consider the age of your siding

A new coat of paint applied to your siding may make things appear better, but if your siding is old to a point of rotting, or buckling, a complete siding replacement is recommended. Not only replacement lasts longer, in the long run it is the best value home improvement project you can do. A new coat of paint, if siding that is in good shape, however is the quickest way to bring up a value of your home, in short term.  

Consider your budget

Painting the siding is the quicker and more budget friendly. But it is not always the best investment if you want to greatly improve the value of your home. Siding Replacement may cost more, but depending on what siding material you go with, your siding can last up to 50 and more years! On the other hand painted siding’s average lifespan is 2-5 years, depending on prep work and the paint that is used. Some paint is made specifically for painting your vinyl siding, some for painting your wood siding, etc.

How damaged is your siding

Does your siding have cracks and moisture is clearly penetrating your home? Or is your siding buckled from excessive heat from Boston’s sun, then it is indeed time to replace your siding. Repairing your siding is also an option, but painting is usually required to match your existing siding. Repairing costs and maintenance costs for siding add up, the older the siding the more maintenance it requires, sometimes the smartest choice is to replace your siding.

Style and Color you Desire

You may have siding that is in great shape, but you simply don’t love the color of it.. Paint It!
Paint manufactures have created paints made specifically for painting your siding, no matter what material it is. Of course now if you have siding in a style that you don’t love, while paint can spruce it up, replacement is the best option, but you have to consider your budget and how long you plan on living in that home so the investment is worth it.

Maintain or raise the worth of your home

A new paint coat over your siding could improve the value of your home by 2 to 5 percent. If you swap your siding with new and better siding, such as fiber cement, the value of your property can go by as much as 74%!

DIY vs Hiring Professionals

Which ever option you choose, whether to paint your siding or replace it, it will without a doubt increase the value of your home. Painting your home may sound easy, but without proper prep work and skills that paint may peel or buckle within months. Same with siding installation, while you can install siding yourself if you have the tools and the expertise, it is recommended that you only approach such project if you have experience. You would be saving on labor costs if you end up DIYing your project, but do consider hiring professionals for your siding replacement or house painting project if you want results that will last for years to come.

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