The Loudest Horn on the Road by Matthew Heller

Have you ever wanted your vehicle’s horn to be loud enough to scare people off the road? What HornBlasters’ has to offer just might come close…

Truck drivers like to be loud and proud. Matthew Heller, owner and CEO of HornBlasters, Inc., understands this and is prepared to blow you away with his range of air horn kits. He decided the standard rig air horns weren’t big and bad enough, but he knew something that was – train horns!

Yup, that’s right. Since 2002, he and his company have been supplying train horn air horn kits for trucks. And not just trucks. If you have a vehicle and want to make sure you’re not disrespected on the road (or simply just want something to show off to your friends), they’ve got the horns for you.

The 38-year-old entrepreneur, and the company he founded, have come a long way since the beginning. That 2002 model was simply jerry-rigged together from random parts. According to Matt, “I made them from any and everything I could find at the time.”

It wasn’t long before his horns were noticed, and others came to him wanting to purchase them for their own vehicles. “[I started selling] of the back of my truck, or room, or friend’s room, wherever there was space.”

Today, the recently located Tampa, Florida based,, offers a wealth of different models of train horns and electric air horns. It has broadened its business by supplying air suspension and load support too. Heller told us, “We’re continuing to improve on our existing product line by listening to our customers, in order to create new and innovative products that contribute to the automotive safety device category.”

They relocated the 25 miles south to metro Tampa just last June, and the new facility means a bigger warehouse. Heller said, “We’re so thrilled to [have moved] into a bigger warehouse and increasing our presence to better serve our customers, nationwide and locally.” He added, “We’re also very excited about the ability this move gives us to keep growing and offering more products and services to our customers.”

From selling products out of the back of his truck, Matt has grown into a multi-million dollar business with customers and fans all over the world. Not everyone is a fan though, a horn that’s louder than a jet engine at 80 feet is not universally loved! But Matt says, “our fans outnumber the haters.” He makes a point of calling his customers fans and is pleased his products have such a loyal customer base.

HornBlasters is dedicated to making the best and loudest consumer air horns on the market. Matthew Heller is justifiably proud of the company he founded. “Horn Blasters, Inc. designs, manufactures and builds the most complete and loudest air horn kits for your vehicle in the world. After creating this industry 18 years ago, we are still the industry leader and ship our product all around the world,” he says, smiling.

Of course, when your company founds a new industry, there are always knock-off imitations, but none come close to what Horn Blasters’ produces. Their horns are all American-made, which makes them much higher quality than what competitors are importing from Asia. Simply, they just can’t compare, even if they can undercut on price. Fortunately, this is a difference all Horn Blasters fans can see and feel.

With a new location and improved facilities, Matthew Heller and his company are ready to continue to lead this consumer niche. Niche it may be, but if you’ve got a truck, whatever its size, wouldn’t you want one? Of course you would!

You can find more details on their website: and follow him personally on Instagram @MattFromHornBlasters or follow the business @HornBlasters.

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