How Rahul Ahuja Eatsindia took the digital world by storm

How Rahul Ahuja Eatsindia took the digital world by storm

Blogging has emerged as a foremost robust online media platform where influencers impact individuals in their buying and eating choices.

With the advent of this era, one of the finest Rahul Ahuja has marked his presence in the food industry with flying colours.

From one road trip, kulhad chai (tea served in clay cup) and few photos; he has turned his mere hobby or time pass into a serious business.

From those drooling photos and videos to some flashy reviews on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., Rahul Ahuja have found out many ways to make his journey successful.

A journey which was started on social media platform from only a single follower and is now being followed by has more than 35 thousand followers on Instagram joining him in his journey across the world from one cuisine to another.

Rahul Ahuja Eatsindia has a specific skill set and strategy which he followed with determination and has ascended his route in food industry by associating with big brands, companies and stake holders, etc. in return to the success received.

His creativity and thought leadership influence the decisions of the hardcore foodies and bring in the new audience too!

Coming from the social work background makes him believe in a philosophy that, “It is all about passion, persistence, and giving back to the community.” He has depth insight on the subject and shares similar sentiment with his audience.

This persistence in his field evolved him as an entrepreneur.

Rahul Ahuja – a renowned entrepreneur has qualitative depth resonate with a wider audience.

He never disappoints his followers, and makes sure to keep them updates with new blogs, articles, recipes and travel advice. Our young entrepreneur has acquired fame and notability through the internet. He understands the struggles of current entrepreneurs and encourages them, as he once a part of them as well. His intent of becoming the blogger and doing work with hope and utmost determination adds more value to the brand and restaurants etc. and now impacts huge crowd in the social media

Eatsindia influences his followers to chase their dreams, be passionate about it, and making the best out of it. He inspires them by showcasing them that a lot can be achieved other than regular office job.

He believes that a blogger can ace in more than one area if they truly have the knowledge about the field.

The content from travel journeys and cuisines tasted keeps his followers engaged with new ideas in the food industry in local area and also across the world.

With his tremendous efforts in this area, he provides people with some guidance with their eateries and travelling choices.

Rahul Ahuja’s presence has also felt through many articles which have been published on his journey and success story. He is one of the recognized personality from our nation on most popular search engine- Google as he submits many reviews on online platforms like Zomato, TripAdvisor, and Google for Various restaurants.

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