Everything to know about HIV Testing & Screening in Singapore

What is HIV testing?

HIV testing is also known as HIV screening. Through HIV test, people come to know if they are suffering from HIV or not.

There are tests through which people can check the presence of the HIV virus in them. Some of the tests include blood tests and other body fluid tests to check the virus’s presence. People need to test for the HIV virus because early testing can help them detect the virus as soon as possible to overcome the consequences.

Significance of HIV testing

You need to conduct an HIV test at an early stage because it can stop the virus’s further spread.

Types of HIV testing

Several tests can be used to detect the HIV virus. Some of the tests are as follows.

  1. Antibody screening test

This test is also known as ELISA or immunoassay tests. These tests give accurate results. This test is done to check the presence of the protein, which is made after two or eight weeks after the incorporation of the virus. The results can be delivered after 30 minutes of the test.

  1. Antigen or antibody combination tests

The most instant tests can give results in 20 minutes. These blood tests can detect the early symptoms of HIV, and the virus, which is shown after the four weeks of the virus, is incorporated.

  1. Nucleic acid tests

This test is also known as the RNA test. This test can detect the virus even after the ten days of incorporation of the virus. However, the tests depend on the symptoms of HIV infection.


Some test results are confidential, which means that the reports are secret. The results might be negative or positive.

  1. Positive test results
  • A positive test result shows that there are some traces of HIV present in your body. However, ensuring through a standard lab test even after a rapid HIV test is also recommended.
  • Moreover, a positive test result does not always ensure that you have AIDS. The most advanced stage of HIV is AIDS. The right treatment at the right time ensures that you can overcome the symptoms; otherwise, you may reach the end stage of HIV. The medication used to treat HIV is known as antiretroviral therapy. ART drugs reduce the amount of virus resent in your body. However, the immune system also becomes stronger so that HIV does not become AIDS.
  1. Negative test results
  • Negative test results show that you do not traces of the HIV virus in your body. However, you need to take precautionary measures to help yourself get protected from this disease. Precautionary measures include safe sex and intake of medicines known as PrEP. 
  • If you test negative to HIV, make sure to convince your partner to get tested for HIV. 
  • It takes almost six months for your body to have sufficient antibodies to get a positive HIV result. However, you need to test again after three months passed, and your test comes negative.

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