Click and Collect: Everything You Need to Know

While the world had already been on a steady path of moving their entire shopping and buying experience online, a lot of people still liked to buy their things in a store. The pandemic has just accelerated the move from in-store to online. However, the ever-evolving world of e-commerce has created a unique method which combines the best portions of both of these experiences. This is the click and collect feature.

What is Click and Collect?

Click and collect is just as simple as it sounds. You click to buy an item online from a store and then you go the store or to the nearest outlet) to collect your products. This gives you the benefit of searching for items very easily on a mobile app and then picking it up from a nearby store at their convenience. Fulfilment or customer satisfaction is a very important part of the buying process and it is essential to both the customer and the store. Click and collect is a very efficient way of optimizing this part of the chain.

Why click and collect?

Click and collect is not an entirely new process that has come up. However, it has surely gained a lot of traction during the pandemic due to the several benefits it provides to both the customers and retailers. This is why you can see Tesco click and collect and other major retailers employing click and collect services.

Advantages for the Customer:

  • Extremely convenient: While this may not be true for all people, a lot of the times the delivery packages for online shopping arrive at inconvenient times, causing a delay in the process. This can be particularly inconvenient when the item is an essential one. With click and collect, the randomness of the delivery is negated because you become responsible for the pickup. Also, the products get to you faster when you compare it with shipping.
  • No risk of stolen/damaged packages: Curb robbery is a huge problem for communities. Even with high definition CCTV cameras, robbers are extremely hard to identify. Moreover, when the items are out on a curb, they are prone to all the elements of nature, especially humans. Both these risks are non-existent in the case of click and collect.
  • Support for local brands and stores: A majority of the local brands and stores cannot afford enough staff to maintain a fully-function and efficient online delivery system. This causes them to lose out on a lot of business, especially in times like these. With the click and collect feature, customers get a chance to help the local brands and stores they support instead of relying on corporate retail chains.

Advantages for the Retailer:

  • Customer generation and retention: For major businesses and retail chains, click and collect offers them another avenue for making sure their customers get their products. Moreover, this comes to them at little employee cost as compared to online delivery. Hence, major retailers have started embracing this approach and you will be seeing a lot of click and collect services like Morrisons click and collect.
  • Establishing a sense of community: As we said earlier, this approach provides an avenue for local stores and brands to compete with the bigger ones and get help from the locals, helping them establish a sense of community, like they belong there.
  • Reduces costs: While the costs saved by the reduction of employees is evident, the retailers also end up saving a lot of money in delivery and logistics. With people coming to the store to collect the packages, they spend nothing on delivery.

In a new world where lesser human interaction is prioritized along with the need for fast obtainment of products, click and collect has experience a surge in its popularity and relevance. However, even after the pandemic ends, we feel that it will continue being popular because it really is an efficient way of delivering goods.

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