Why is the Sims 4 so popular?

The Sims 4 is one of the most famous strategy video games, which continues to attract gamers even after half a decade after its launch. So, you must be curious about the inside of the game and the reason for its success.

The Sims 4 is a life simulation strategy game, developed by the Redwood Shores Studio and later published by Electronic Arts. The game was launched in 2014. Since then, it has hit high in the world of computer gaming. There has been a record number of sims 4 pc free downloadover these years. So, let us glide through the knowledge about what makes Sims 4 such a popular game.

Fact 1: Easy to relate

Sims 4 revolves with a real-life story which makes it easier to relate to by gamers or even non-gamers. The fact the player base consists of women mostly in their games, arouses a casual player motive among newbies in the gaming industry. Having equipped with easy controls, people find it easy to take up or learn the game with no hassle.

Fact 2: Lively characters

Once you start playing the Sims 4 PC game, your eyes can not refuse to notice the lively characters that are so very similar to reality. Characters developing relationship, getting married, or having children gives a tint of life to the animated characters behind the screen. Gamers always want to enjoy a virtual life, and for them, Sims 4 is a perfect choice.

Fact 3: Homebuilding

An important yet fascinating feature of this game is the ability of house building according to the player’s wish. With different signature styles of furniture and decorations, you get to build your dream home without facing real like problems of budget, contractor, and time. So, whether it is to furnish your old house or to build a new one, there can not be a better game than Sims 4.

Fact 4: Live Streaming

As a gamer, you may always want to flaunt your gaming skills in front of the world. Sims 4 under the wings of Electronic Arts (EA) Sports, allow the players to live spot streaming. You get to show your friends on Twitter your progress skills in the game at the time you are playing it. This feature has lead to the development of tutorial videos flagged on Youtube by expert gamers all over the world. Apart from teaching the hidden skills of the game, it is yet another form of reaching out to people even half a decade after its launch. If you get bored of playing this game for a long time and are a sports maniac, then you must watch live sports on BatmanStream which one the best live sports streaming sites. This way you can get rid of boredom.

Fact 5: Being updated regularly

Since its launch in 2014, Sims 4 has been updated almost at regular intervals. People who went for Sims 4 PC game download back then, are till now satisfied with new corners being added to the game now and then. Strategy game lovers always want to explore games more and this is where Sims 4 stands out from the rest of the games.

Fact 6: The mesmerizing scenery

Sims 4 is the only game where you get to see the mountains and the sea beach in the same town. From breezy lakes to vibrant skies, Sims 4 paints a world for you, which you have picturized in your dreams. So, you get to see the beauty of nature while playing your favorite game.


A tiring day should end on a happy and pleasurable note. Sims 4 brings you a sigh of relief. Not only do you get to look at the scenic beauty, but you get the chance to host your game on online platforms through live sport streaming. A strategy game lover can not afford to miss this game. Happy playing!!

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