What is cPanel and Why Do We Need a cPanel License for cPanel Server?

In a world full of technologies and inventions, you require a strong plan when it comes to hosting or starting your online business. They need robust strategies that should be carefully implemented to get a successful result. Also, a cPanel must be required to securely run the site with the highest performance. It provides you the flexibility to use the resources and access your server smoothly.

You need to buy the cPanel License to use the cPanel benefits for your site hosting. In this post, we focussed on the Introduction of cPanel and its services for your business hosting.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is one of the most trading control panels that are web-based and offers much flexibility to operate the server configurations. When we talk about website management, no software and applications work apart from the cPanel VPS license. It is helpful in site management that uses a Graphical User Interface(GUI). With such accessibility of control to manage the website from your hands, dependency on website developers is totally diminished.

cPanel makes the task of managing and running the website more easy and secure. You can do multiple tasks at a time on one click. With the cPanel Lifetime License, you can manage the different vital aspects of life including,

  • File Management
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • Easy Backups of your data
  • Email management
  • Domain & Sub-domains Control
  • Data protection
  • MIME types
  • Apache handlers
  • CGI scripts
  • User Management
  • SSL Management
  • Network Tools
  • MySQL database administration
  • Statistical Information

And much more. It becomes easier to manage and change the cPanel settings according to your site requirements and requirements with such services.

What is cPanel Licenses?

cPanel License is the most widely used control panel that allows you to use the allotted resources. If you need to handle your server from your own hands or side. Then it is mandatory to buy the cPanel licenses cheap at a price with your VPS hosting. Once you buy the cPanel License, you don’t require someone else’s permission to use the resources. You can make any configurations on your server with ease.

Obviously, when you think about hosting your own online business and site set up, you need secure hardware and software. To decrease your workload and divides the task timer to make the finish earlier, you must buy the cPanel license. Apart from that, you don’t require any permission to make any modifications to your server. It is already an authorized certification that allows you to manage your server setting by yourself without facing any issues. You can comfortably handle your control panel as you get the complete control to manage it.

When we talk about the cPanel cost, it is free to opt for the dedicated server. But in the case of a VPS Server, you need to pay the money to purchase the cPanel licenses with your hosting for better site performance. Without cPanel licensing, you can’t get access to your resources.

Therefore, opt for the cPanel buy license from the best and offshoring web hosting provider that offers excellent and high access resources. You will surely get the end-user experience with such a WHM software to host your online business on a VPS Server.

cPanel: Advanced Features

cPanel is the widely used control panel that offers advanced and standard functionality with every plan. But to handle the site operations smoothly, you need the more upgraded and enhanced services and tools. With excellent cPanel License features, you can explore your business and take it to the next level of success.

Here look at the below mention features of cPanel that you get with the cPanel lifetime license:


  • Bulletin Board
  • Blog Software like WordPress
  • and much More


  • SSH access
  • Manage PGP Keys
  • Cron Jobs


  • Webalizer Web Stats
  • Analog Stats
  • AWStats
  • View Latest Visitors
  • Outlook Bandwidth Usage
  • View Error Log
  • Download a raw log file for more advanced analytics


  • Manage FTP Accounts in one click
  • Anonymous FTP Controls
  • Ability to change or modify FTP login message
  • Ability to kill FTP sessions


  • Easily backup your database
  • Easy to restore your data if any lost


  • Manage and Modify Email Accounts
  • Forwarders
  • WebMail offered for all Accounts
  • Auto Responders
  • Ability to Modify an MX Entry
  • Custom Mail and Spam Filtering (see MailScanner FAQ)
  • Efficiently manage the Mailing Lists


  • Web Protect with secure tools (access editor)
  • Ability to Change Hosting Account Password
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Easily Redirects
  • Ability to Edit Mime Types
  • Ability to Edit Apache Handlers
  • Add, Delete, Edit files, upload files, change permissions


  • Ability to Add/Remove Subdomains
  • Subdomain Redirects
  • Stats for Subdomains


  • DNS Lookup
  • Traceroute


  • Manage and modify MySQL Databases
  • phpMyAdmin pre-installed

Database Management

cPanel licensing comes with the greater scalable and flexible resources that you can efficiently utilize while hosting your website on a large platform. You get highly dedicated resources and enjoy its services for the long term business stability. When we talk about database management in cPanel, it is necessary or can say play a significant role in handling all the database activities.

It means by choosing the cheap cPanel licenses with your hosting, you can easily download, delete, edit, and perform many activities with ease. So it becomes easy to make any changes to your database according to your requirement without any interruptions. Therefore, choose the best plan that helps to maintain the activities and tasks of your entire business easily. You don’t need to stress out about maintaining your data, you choose the cPanel License.

cPanel Statical Feature

Buying a cPanel hosting for your site hosting is common. Still, when it comes to running your site with statistical features, it is an interesting fact. It is most crucial and plays a significant role in the Webmaster. With an intense level of highly secure features of cPanel, you can quickly analyze the daily and monthly traffic that strikes on your website.

You get excellent benefits from using the statistical features for your site hosting. It means you can analyze how much bandwidth is needed to explore your online business services and quickly figure out the number of visitors that hit on the website. Therefore, you can consider it as an essential aspect that makes your life much easier and comfortable.

Add on Plugins

cPanel Licenses allow you to enjoy the accessibility of resources with ease. While with the cPanel, you get the additional plugins that are used for your site hosting. Also, you can quickly notify about the latest upgrades of any technical language. cPanel is responsible for getting the upgraded applications. If you need any software, then you get instantly in one click.

cPanel and WHM

WHM basically stands for the Web Host Management Complete Solution. WHM makes the task of large businesses simple and easy because it is automated billing software that automatically fetches the data. It can automatically keep a secure copy of your data and provide backup plans for your site data. You can make the large transactions via a WHM without the interruptions.

cPanel Builds

cPanel Builds is one of the basics that you get with your opted plans. When you pick any plan, it means you get the many updates and builds of cPanel applications with your cPanel. It is evident that with every new update, you get the additional features with complete flexibility of resources for your site management.

Buy cPanel License From an Authorized Partner: Serverwala

There are a lot of options and choices available in the web hosting market to choose the best cPanel packages with your hosting. But it is quite complicated to pick one among the broad choice of hosting. Therefore, we care about your time and money. Hence it is strongly recommended that you need to choose the Server Wala for your business hosting.

It is one of the best and leading web hosting providers that offer Cheap cPanel Licenses for your hosting.  It will be beneficial for you to enjoy the hosting’s maximum advantages if you choose the cPanel from the Server Wala. They are best to offer instant support and revert as soon as they see your queries. You get the round the clock assistance and guidance. Also, you get the instantly troubleshooting services with your cPanel License Change for every hosting.

Choose the best cPanel Hosting plan from the Serverwala at an affordable price.


cPanel Licence check offers the spectrum of flexible resources that are used to run the site smoothly. With such supportive web applications and resources, you can utilize the resources smoothly. You can make your strong online presence in the web hosting market with such excellent resources. In simple words, if we state about the cPanel Licenses, then it is perfect to stabilize your business and earn more profits.

You can choose the best and suitable hosting plan from the web hosting provider at an affordable price.

I hope this article is helpful to you.

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