Offshore Dedicated Server: Why You Have to Choose It?

An Offshore Dedicated server is used for offshore web hosting services. Web hosting as we know is hosting your website on the public Internet domains by either purchasing or renting them or by web hosting service providers. It is sometimes necessary to require high-speed data servers, for having eCommerce and other business online facilities with security and consistency hence, dedicated servers are popular among technocrats now.

As by name itself, offshore dedicated servers are those dedicated servers which are far situated than the user’s place of control as the data centers located at far distances from the owner. In simple words, it implies that the dedicated web hosting service provider is situated abroad from you( even in foreign countries).

Offshore anonymous hosting is not usually fit for common technocrats or simply to provide web hosting services but meant for them who want their websites protected from state regulations due to having DMCA(Digital Millennium Content Act)/ Copyright/ adult contents. Also, they are the best choice for the websites that emphasize cyber hacking facilities, having untraceable transactions, etc. from local cyber regulatory bodies.

You require affordable offshore dedicated servers to manage your data accordingly so that there is no barrier of restrictions since your server is offshore hence local bodies can’t limit you.

Offshore Dedicated Server: Importance

The offshore dedicated server is very important for cyber experts and many business firms since they give you the protected service from your local cyber bodies, they are very popular among technocrats. Let’s discuss some key features of offshore dedicated servers ;

The website Server is situated at far locations.

The one distinguishing feature of the offshore servers is that they are situated at far locations, as by their name only,  from the user not even in the same country as the user. Hence you are working with a website that is hosted by a foreign-based web hosting server, which gives you some unique facilities for which servers in the same country restrict you.

With no compliance of DMCA

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act is an American based copyright law even followed by some foreign-based websites. It criminalizes the creation of such technology which tries the way to access copyright content.

This law is a barrier even with the non-US based websites which hosts based on this law. Hence because of such websites, one can be legally punished even outside the US boundaries due to the DMCA act.

Hence to get the loophole for this law, one must work on the web hosting server that does not follow this law. It is possible with offshore web hosting servers that don’t comply with DMCA law, thus we can have access to even copyright contents that were restricted by normal servers due to the DMCA act.

But not allows every content

It is not possible with the offshore web hosting servers, to publish anything you want. However, there is much crucial content like that of copyright and restricted by DMCA, to be published without any restrictions but there are some specific contents that your offshore server allows access.

The unlimited access to any content is not possible even with offshore dedicated web hosting servers.

Choose Best Offshore Anonymous Hosting

There are multiple advantages of having Offshore Dedicated Hostings in the tech, commerce world with having some limitations. It can be a great deal for interested users, but even can be a drawback for the normal user. Offshore web hosting requires technocrats who could think beyond the traditional dedicated web hosting services. They can explore much more on the internet than anybody can even think. But it is unnecessary to burden normal business users who are just looking for bandwidth and privacy.

Serverwala offers you the best deals for Offshore dedicated servers at a reasonable price with the much-updated hardware and software.

You can choose the best offshore plan from the packages that Serverwala offers you as mentioned following;

Intel Xenon E3-12308 GB DDR31 TB SATA100 TB1 Gbps100 Gbps DDoS140$ per month
Intel Xenon E3-123016 GB DDR32*500 GB SATA100 TB1 Gbps100 Gbps DDoS220$ per month
Intel Xenon E3-1230v216 GB DDR32*500 GB SATA100 TB1Gbps100 Gbps DDos240$ per month
Intel Xenon E3-1230v516 GB DDR44*4 TB SATA100 TB1 Gbps100 Gbps DDoS320$ per month

Best Choice for New Business

As discussed earlier cheap offshore dedicated server hosting can be a great deal for new technocrats and businessmen in multiple ways if they think beyond the traditional idea of web hostings. With the new cyber laws as restrictions put by the government on online content, there is a huge demand for offshore web hosting dedicated servers in this cyber world. Offshore web hosting servers are located out of the user’s nation may help them a lot as protecting from the local regulatory bodies’ concerns. With the offshore dedicated servers, one can easily access the content without restriction by the DMCA act which many websites follow. However, it depends upon the package purchased from the provider that it offers the blocking of the DMCA rule with a guarantee or not.

They have great use in the media houses as well since you can have much freedom of speech and other facilities which aren’t possible with the servers in your locality or nation as limited by the government.

Businessmen now have the facility of untraceable transactions from the government so that they can work with ease.


If you get tired of having traditional web hosting for a long time then you should look at the other ways, which not only provides the much more web world to explore and serve but also the great independency to work without being disturbed by the government or other authorized cyber bodies. Serverwala offers you the best packages so that you have offshore anonymous hosting with you at very reasonable prices.

Author: MyitSolutions

Myitsolutions a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

About MyitSolutions

Myitsolutions a valued contributor on Vents Magazine a Google news approved site. I love to provide the latest news to my viewers and sharing knowledge about interesting facts on different topics.

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