35+ Free Instagram Photoshop Templates

Instagram is gathering more and more popularity every day. The number of registered users exceeds 1.2 billion, and this application is downloaded almost a million times per day. People all around the world use this app every day to stay tuned with the latest news and trends. Also, Instagram helps us keep in touch with friends and family.

In this article, we will show you 35 free Instagram templates for Photoshop. Using them, you will improve the appearance of your Instagram page. Moreover, such templates help you promote the account and build your personal brand. You can using websites such as Freepik, Elegantflyer to find more free Instagram templates for Photoshop. Without further ado, we are getting started.

  1. Octoberfest Instagram Stories Template


Agree, it’s very cool to be able to talk about the upcoming Octoberfest using Instagram. Check out this simple and straightforward template. 


  1. Free Instagram Puzzle Template

These free instagram puzzle template in light color is very easy to edit and customize. Use it to interact with your followers and strengthen your personal brand.



  1. Ladies Night Instagram Stories Template

Invite your girlfriends to the ladies’ party with this graceful Instagram story template. It immediately draws attention.



  1. Clothing Instagram Stories Collection 

Check out this digest of beautiful clothing Instagram templates. Made in nude colors, they will fit any account or commercial Instagram page.



  1. Birthday Instagram Stories Template 

If you are organizing another birthday party, do not miss the opportunity to use this saturated Instagram story template. It perfectly conveys the vibes of your event.



  1. Kids Birthday Instagram Stories Template 

Announce an upcoming birthday party using these cute kids’ birthday stories templates. They are designed in light pink, which looks fresh and graceful.



  1. Wedding Invitation Instagram Template 

Tell about your wedding on Instagram using this gentle wedding template in light colors. Just choose the size either for Instagram story or post and do not forget to edit the templates.



  1. Autumn Concept Instagram Stories Template 

Enjoy the best autumn and let your followers feel the atmosphere of this season. Edit and download these colorful Instagram stories templates.



  1. Sport & Tech Instagram Stories Template 

Do not neglect to use these sport and tech templates for Instagram stories. Just choose the color, image, and slogan – and you are ready to upload the result.



  1. Thanksgiving Day Instagram Stories Template 

Are you planning a party dedicated to Thanksgiving day? Then consider downloading this stylish Instagram stories and post template. Such a design will not leave anyone indifferent.



  1. FREE – Promo Instagram Post Template Vol.1

Check out this free promo post template for Instagram. You can use it to promote your products or services so it will help you boost sales.



  1. Fall Festival Instagram Template 

We always want to enjoy autumn as long as possible as it passes on to winder. Save warm memories of autumn with this vibrant template.

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  1. Free Instagram Template

What about this Instagram post template in red color? Such a design is very easy to remember so your account will look unique. Of course, you can customize the template to your liking.

E:\статьи\Без имени-1.jpg


  1. Baby Shower Instagram Template 

A baby shower is one of the most important events. That is why it is essential to pick up a relevant Instagram template. This way, you can invite all your friends to the party.



  1. Instagram Stories Templates With Ice Cream 

Just look at these turquoise and yellow Instagram stories templates. Such a saturated design will draw people’s attention from the first second.



  1. Free Instagram Story Template Quizzes 

Cheer up your subscribers with this Instagram quiz stories template. It will help you promote the page and gather more popularity.

  1. Free Instagram Posts Templates 

Promote your page or Instagram shop using these stylish Instagram posts templates. They are pretty easy to edit and customize so it does not take a lot of time.

  1. Business Forum Instagram Template 

Instagram can help you promote business summits and forums. Just take some time to change this Instagram story template to your liking.



  1. Free Instagram Grid Cover Template

Looking for an extraordinary Instagram template? Check out this grid cover template in black and white. It looks comprehensible yet graceful at the same time. 



  1. Wine Restaurant Instagram Template 

It is always the perfect time for a glass of wine. Check out this sophisticated Instagram story template in black and burgundy.



  1. Clean Modern Instagram Template 

Encourage your followers to think about their style and inside beauty with this designer Instagram template. It depicts a cheerful girl at the orange and black background.



  1. Back to School Instagram Stories Template 

It is important to start studying with something enjoyable. Well, you can throw a party and invite people using this back to school Instagram template.



  1. Free Pink and Gold Instagram Story Templates 

These templates will help you gather more followers and become closer to your subscribers. Just download the template and upload it to your Instagram stories at any time.

  1. Gym Instagram Stories Template 

Invite the athletes of your city to join the gym using this bright and eye-catching template. Made in yellow and orange, it immediately draws the potential clients’ attention.



  1. Free Instagram Story Template 

Consider using this 100% customizable Instagram story template in dark colors. It will help you promote a shop or draw the attention of your potential clients.

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  1. Pool Party Instagram Template 

Invite your friends to the upcoming summer pool party using this trendy Instagram story template. It looks gorgeous so everybody will check the details of the event.



  1. Sport Outside Instagram Template 

It’s never too late to do some sport, especially when you have enough motivation. Inspire your subscribers with such amazing Instagram stories templates in restrained design. 



  1. Lost Animal Instagram Template

This post and stories template will help you report the missing animal. We do not want to lose our pets because we get attached to them. That is why this template will come in handy for you.



  1. Digital Marketing Agency Stories Template 

If you need to promote your digital marketing agency, we have this wonderful template for you. Made in a formal style, it draws attention and perfectly conveys the concept of the company.



  1. Restaurant Instagram Stories Template 

 Promote your restaurant or café using this graceful restaurant template in light colors. It will help you  convey the atmosphere of your place without spending any time nor money. 


       Get more Free Instagram Templates in PSD  from Elegantflyer.


  1. Trendy Instagram Story Template 

If you want to announce something on Instagram, do not forget to pick up an appropriate template. This Instagram story template in trendy design will do its job perfectly.

E:\статьи\Без имени-1.jpg


  1. Butterfly Habitat Concept Instagram Template

Just take a look at these cute Instagram stories templates. Tell your followers about the life of butterflies in such an unusual way.



  1. Cookie Shop Instagram Template 

Promote your cookie shop using these stylish Instagram templates. They are fully editable and customizable so you can pick up a relevant design in a few minutes.



  1. Deco Home Instagram Template 

Need to promote home decoration accessories? Do not forget to upload these deco home Instagram stories templates. They will help you encourage more potential clients.



  1. Positivism Instagram Stories Template 

Stay positive, don’t give up, and keep going. Such templates will come in handy for everybody who has a bad day. Choose the one you like and make sure to indicate the authorship.



Now you know that it is possible to find a relevant Instagram template for any purpose. Stay tuned and do not hesitate to pick up the perfect free Photoshop template for your project.

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