MV Premiere: Monokino Releases Gorgeous Visuals For New Single “No Return”

George van Wetering, lead singer and songwriter for the Dutch band Monokino, is releasing a highly anticipated music video for his new single “No Return.” With vocals in Mandarin, “No Return” took the indie-pop music world by storm last week, and Monokino has now finally paired the track with jaw dropping visuals that beautifully mirror the track’s spirit on-screen. 

Part of the growing roster of foreign acts released by Chinese record company Modern Sky, Monokino continues his winning streak with the release of this music video, with a song that was initially composed and written when he was still in China before the covid-19 crisis, doubting his stay there for multiple reasons. 

The pandemic kept him rooted in Amsterdam while he was visiting his home country. During the Chinese New Year celebration in mid-February in Amsterdam, George performed the song in front of a Dutch and Chinese audience, and had a huge success with the audience complimenting his singing in Chinese. With the pandemic deteriorating the relationship between the Netherlands and China, Georges thought it was urgent to release the song and send a message that globalism runs deeper than politics. 

“No Return” is a magical electro-pop and baroque fusion set to spark mass appreciation among both mainstream music lovers and connoisseurs of the genre, while helping cement the rise of Monokino’s status as a major act in 2020’s music scene. 

Watch “No Return” down below and follow Monokino On His Socials:                                 



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