How to do Freelancing

No matter how fascinating the freelancing career looks, there are a lot of times when it becomes really hard to manage it all. Things become difficult when you are your own boss. You have to manage your time and work on your own. You need to learn to create a balance between your personal and professional life and at times all of these together results in a lot of stress.

When a person is new in this field, he doesn’t know how to motivate his own self.  It is vital for you to know how to freelance.

Only say yes to the task you can do

Sometimes a freelancer finds himself in situations where it becomes hard for him to say no. This results in people giving him loads of work and before he realizes it, there is more work than he can manage. That is why it is advisable that you always take projects that you think you can do easily. Keep in mind that you also need some time for your own self so don’t overburden yourself. If someone wants to hire you for another project that you think would be too much work for you, just politely tell them that you are booked at the moment and can’t accept their offer.

Take short breaks:

According to research, it is shown that people who take shirts breaks during their work tend to get more work done in lesser duration. It is really important for a freelancer to take regular short breaks. You can decide a time e.g after every 50 minutes of continuous work, you take 10 minutes of break. This way you won’t get stressed, your mind will be relaxed, you won’t get tired. Taking a break, no matter how short it is, will help you feel refreshed.

Concentrate only on your current project:

There are times when the freelancer is assigned more than one project from his clients. During those moments there is stress in his mind about being able to finish all of those projects within deadlines. Even when he is working on one project at that time, his mind wanders off to the other entire task that is pending. This not only results in slowing down of your work but also causes you a lot of stress. Due to this, you lose focus from your current task and it makes more time to complete it.

Take out time for yourself:

Mostly, a person who is working as a freelancer only gets stressed when he is spending all his time working without taking breaks. So in order to avoid this stress, try to manage your routine in a way that every day you get at least a few hours to yourself. During that free time, you can watch a movie, hang out with your friends or family or do anything else that you like. By doing this, you won’t be constantly thinking about your work and once you go back to work after a break, you will feel more productive.

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