Ashley Sienna Drops First Taste Of Upcoming EP, With New Song ‘When I’m Single’

17 year old Ashley Sienna is not your usual artist. At the early age of 12, she had already released her first single and started her journey as a professional singer-songwriter, well determined to become one of tomorrow’s main pop icons. Inspired by pop artists like Taylor Swift, she has created an ecosystem of sonic textures that well support her wonderful voice, energizing the listener by spreading everywhere she passes, her endless positive waves. Ashley wants people to have fun, and yet convey meaningful messages, like on her latest single, “When I’m Single,” a track that emphasizes the fact that both being single and in relationships is positive, and that one should simply enjoy what they have. Her unique approach and refreshing vibes are much needed in today’s world, and we are extremely happy to have discovered such a talent, while impatient waiting for her new EP to be released. 

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