Step By Step Guide To Identify Quality Of Leather Accessories

Leather accessories like shoes, jackets, and bracelets have been in the market for decades and for good reasons. They are stylish, up to the trend, and offer great value for its buyers. 

However, with this vast market comes its own risk, one of which is the product quality. With the leather looking synthetic in the market, there is no way to tell whether your leather product is genuine or not. 

While genuine dealers are clear with their leather quality, many are reluctant to share it. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on them and can test the leather quality with tests like the few given below.

Smell Test

The natural leather is obtained from animal skin and inherits its natural smell. It will be slightly stale, moldy, and damp. On the other hand, synthetic or low-quality leather often smells like chemicals or plastic. The smells are completely different, and if you have ever smelled real, leather, you won’t have any problem differentiating the leathers. 

However, if you feel it difficult to distinguish or have never smelled real leather, this test won’t do you much good. You can visit a nearby store that sells quality leather bags and jackets for men to get an idea of leather smell. In case it’s not possible, don’t worry, there are plenty of other tricks that you can use.    

Imperfection Test

Often users think that the original leather product has to be perfect and smooth, but it’s not. In fact, in most cases, it’s just the opposite. It’s because the original leather is made of skin, and skin always has some imperfection. 

Now, the manufacturers or designers may deal with a few of them that are most obvious, but not all of them. So, you may find a few scratches, wrinkle marks, or creases on the product. There may also be some pores or imperfection on the product. 

In case, the lather is well-finished and has no such irregularity, there is a high chance that it’s human-made. Hence, it would be best if you moved on to the next test. 

Wrinkle Test

The synthetic product is designed to mimic high-quality material and will offer great strength and durability. Most of the time, the leathers will be so sturdy that they will resist even wrinkles. The original leather, on the other hand, is not that resilient. It has the elasticity of the natural skin and can easily get wrinkled. 

So simply put your finger on the product and press it with force. If the material maintains its shape and doesn’t get wrinkled, it is synthetic. Then, you can move to the next test. 

Edge Test

The real leathers are very strong, and it’s difficult to sew them in the desired shape. It’s nearly impossible to sew them straight and even. Nothing of this sort ever occurs for synthetic leathers. They offer excellent machining and ease of usage. 

Therefore, always check the edges of the quality leather bags and jackets for men you are buying. If the edges are irregular, then it has to be original leather. 

Water Test

The simplest of all leather tests is the water test. Simply drop a small portion of water on the leather product. A drop of water would be enough for the job.

You see, the real leather is made of animal skin and needs moisturization. Therefore, it will absorb a small amount of water in no time. Whereas fake or synthetic leather will simply let the water slide over it. 

Fire Test 

The fire test is the last and the least recommended test for leather. It’s not only tricky but can also ruin your product. It’s best if you use only if you have no other option, and your product has a segment that’s never visible. 

For this test, take a flame source and simply try to burn the test area. If the product is of real leather, the section will not catch flames and smell like burning hairs. However, if it’s synthetic material, the product will easily catch fire and smell like burning plastic. 

Final Words

The tests that you just read are some of the few tricks to verify your leather product’s originality. They can help you to easily verify whether the price you paid was worth it or not. So, use them to your advantage.

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