Revealing new book on Scientology by investigator Gabriel Carrion, in 3 languages

About the writer:

Gabriel Carrion is an author, director, and scriptwriter. He linked with the investigative journalist from the past many years. From 1985 till now, he worked on all types of media, including radio, press, and television. In 2004, he took retirement from his public activities. He is specialized in many fields, including media, new religious moments, sects, and National Terrorism. 

Last year he published two books. All of his two publications contain the Spanish terrorist group ETA material, and he successfully provides authentic and factual content.

His publication, named “Scientology the Longest Battle,” is proof of his fruitful research on Scientology. This book was published in 2011 in the Spanish language only.

Talking about his recent publications, you find the one with the title “THE POWER OF THE WORD [EL PODER DE LA PALABRA], available so far in three languages:

  1. Portuguese
  2. Spanish
  3. French

The publishing house’s name is “Walking Away,” who gets the chance to spread the knowledge of Gabriel Carrion through their platform. 

About the book:

In the conversation with The European Times, Carrion describes his book’s plot, where he put light on some current and controversial topics related to Scientology. According to him, he also plans to launch three more books in the future. He also mentions his hard work and research on the same topic, and a previous project “Scientology the longest battle” which he started in 2008. His dedication to research specifically on Scientology is expected to finish in the coming years with some additional related projects. 

In answer to a question, he said precisely:

 “When in 1950, L. Ron Hubbard wrote: ‘DIANETICS, The Modern Science of mental Health,’ he was possibly unaware of what was coming his way. Shortly thereafter, after further investigation, he felt he had to take an additional step. So Scientology emerged as philosophical and religious thought that has derived from the sources of its founder, developing exponentially over time. If thousands are its detractors, millions are its followers throughout the world…


“With a controversial record around the world, Scientology and its leader have left no one indifferent. However, the explosion of social media has allowed, often in an orchestrated and tortious way, falsehoods, and comments about L. Ron Hubbard and his Church”.

Gabriel Carrion is a humanist and free-thinker, and he co-authored the book with Ivan Arjona, who is President of the European Office of the Church of Scientology for Public Affairs and Human Rights. Their new book EL PODER DE LA PALABRA is based on the answers asked by different people around the world about Scientology and religion. 

He is very clear with his word:

 “An essential book to know in depth the foundations and pillars of a religion, which due to the closeness of its founder allows us to throw more light than shadows on its history.”

We hope that this book will create history and clarify some answers asked but different societies. 

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