New Jersey-based Singer Em Shares Pathway To Aetheria – 8 Tracks Indie Collection

Pathway To Aetheria is the second album from New Jersey native soul singer Em. Her self-named debut Em introduced her as an emotional and poetic artist with the signature sound of indie and soul fusion. On her new album, Em adds reggae and pop to her pallet of used melodies and vibes. Pathway To Aetheria with its 8 tracks, proves that Em is a crafty and talented singer and songwriter with a unique vision on how she wants to be perceived, and executes her ideas in a polished way. 

The press release explains her inspiration and what were her motivated to create the album: In Pathway To Aetheria, Em is sharing her journey towards enlightenment, reflecting the time it took her to protect her sacred energy instead of pleasing everyone and trying to feel for them, what didn’t belong to her. / From feelings of anxiety, sorrow, grief, and mourning, she was able to bring back forgiveness, healing, and acceptance, into finding back her divine truth and staying in it no matter others’ opinions. 

Em’s album surely will help out those who struggle with similar experiences, but it will also inspire you to fight for your best self. 

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