Free Online Games Vs Paid Games

Which has the best gaming experience, free online games, Vs paid games?

The debate is boiling because free online gamers want developers to create true free-to-play online games without money transactions. The problem is that game developers need to make money without ruining the experience for players. Therefore, we need to conclude on how we can make both parties happy without ruining the gaming experience.

What are Free Online Games?

Free online games are video games that anyone can play for free without buying or paying for a subscription. Some free-to-play games include Guild Wars 2, Black Desert Online, ArcheAge, Rift and many other popular titles. This free-to-play model is very popular amongst young gamers because they can download the game and start playing right away.

However, there are many differences between the free online games and paid ones that affect the gaming experience.

More Game Content

Depending on the size and scope of the online video game, some free online games restrict players from accessing popular game content.

For example, let’s say a player wanted more bags to place extra items into the inventory slot, they would have to purchase them with actual money.

This turns off many players because of the thought they would have to pay with actual money for in-game items is ridiculous. Some players say that they do not make free online video games to be enjoyed without some kind of payment method. On the business side of making video games, game developers need to make a living when creating these online games.

Advance the Game

Some free-to-play games offer extra experience bonus for players that spend actual money.

Players that are not willing to spend actual cash will take twice as much to reach certain levels of the game. The free to play gamers see this as a disadvantage because they have to do twice the work to get into other game areas.

Paid Online Games

With paid online games, gamers are paying for all the content with no restrictions. This means that there are no advantages for other players, and gameplay is fair for everyone. Game developers make money daily because of the monthly game subscription. However, in recent times, game developers have become money-hungry and have grabbed extra cash from the player’s pockets.

Some paid subscriptions based online games have added in-game stores that sell cosmetics for players to purchase.

In-Game Store

Yes, it means that on top of a monthly subscription, developers make extra money through an item store inside the game. The problem here is that the game experience doesn’t change if you buy anything from the in-game store. In-game items offer different character wardrobes and visual appearances that don’t affect gameplay.

However, not all in-game stores are fair to other players, and they offer unfair advantages to gamers that pay.

Pay to Win

The pay-to-win model is one that players can purchase weapons and other equipment that out-powers regular game items. For example, if you purchase a sniper rifle through the in-game store, you can shoot farther and harder than a regular rifle. In the gaming community, players argue that this is not fair gameplay and only the paying customers will win the game. But game developers are happy because they are making money creating these items that other players are happy to buy.

Free Online Games Vs Paid Games

So which gaming method is best? It all depends on how the people who play video games feel about their gameplay experience. Free to play online games are very limited on what players can do so they don’t give the best gaming experience. The subscription-based online games can be the best option if they don’t sell items that make characters overly powerful. No one wants to play an unfair game when half the players have super high-powered weapons and cannot be beaten.


Whenever choosing to play an online video game, think about the entire experience, not the daily outcomes.

It’s always a good idea to first identify if it’s free or a paid subscription game.

With a free online game, expect it to have an in-game store to purchase items with actual money.

The subscription-based games are the most reliable because you’re already paid for the game up front.

However, be careful with either model if they sell items through the in-game store that are pay-to-win.

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