7 Secrets to Getting Smooth and Supple Skin

The first part of our body that shows signs of damage and aging is our skin. At some point in our lives, it begins to go from smooth and supple to rough and wrinkled.

Many of us fight that transition for as long as possible, but we don’t know all the pro tips to keep our skin healthy and young-looking.

Pricey lotions and invasive surgeries might help as temporary fixes. Your skin is an organ, though, and must be pampered from the inside out to truly make a difference.

If you want to keep or get back to that smooth, supple skin of youth, try these seven secrets in your life now!

1. Start With Hydration

Your entire body is made up mostly of water, including your skin. If you aren’t drinking enough, it’s going to be visible quickly.

Pay attention to your body. Are your hands, mouth, and lips dry? These are usually the first places that signal you need more water.

You might also notice dehydration in the form of dull and low-grade headaches and fatigue. Your body does try to warn you when you’re not drinking enough water. If you don’t listen, it will show up as dry and wrinkled skin!

2. Eat Healthy Fats

To help plump up your skin and increase the suppleness, you should add foods with omega-3 fatty acids and mono- and polyunsaturated fats to your diet. These are considered ‘healthy fats’ if you eat them in moderation.

Your body doesn’t produce them naturally, but these nutrients help boost your skin’s resiliency and feed your healthy cells.

Look for easy ways to add healthy fats to your meals by including fatty fish and nuts. Cook your foods in olive oil. Sprinkle some flaxseed in your shakes.

You can also take omega-3 supplements. They don’t give you quite as powerful a result, but they are better than nothing if you’re not sure your diet is up to par.

3. Take Your Vitamins

Speaking of supplements, your one-a-day isn’t quite cutting it if you want to protect your skin, too.

You need to make sure you’re loading up on antioxidants, found in fruits and vegetables. But to really have that silky skin, add some extra nutrition to your morning routine in capsules, like:

  • Vitamins A, C, and E for energy, cell renewal and growth, and sun protection
  • Biotin for hair, skin, and nail growth
  • Green tea for antioxidants to protect against damage to your cells

Chances are, you’re not getting all of these extra nutrients from your diet or an all-in-one vitamin. Check the labels and add more of these essentials where you’re lacking them.

4. Exfoliate in Moderation

As we get older, our body stops making as much collagen and elastin, the important parts of youthful-looking skin. It also slows down on how it sheds our dead skin cells.

Where do they go, then? The dead cells accumulate, making your skin look dry and rough. The only way to remove them is basically to slough them off with exfoliants.

The trick is that you can’t exfoliate too much or you’ll irritate it. A good exfoliant in your weekly skin care routine, or twice a week if your skin is really dry, should be enough to make your skin glow.

5. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Hydration is how your skin is renewed from the inside; moisturizing it is what keeps that water locked in!

After you shower or wash your skin, pat it dry and apply a reputable moisturizer to your skin. This helps the water that’s on the surface stay there instead of evaporating.

When your skin is moisturized, it helps reduce dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

6. Know Your Skincare Products

Using the wrong beauty products can be even worse than not using them at all.

Some products contain ingredients you may be allergic to, causing your skin to break out. If your skin is dry and you use something designed for regular or oily skin, it will cause irritation.

A big culprit of dry skin is your shaving cream. If you shave your legs often, you are constantly removing fresh cells and aggravating your skin.

Why not make it easier on yourself, save on razors, and protect your skin and try laser hair removal instead? The technology is so far advanced now that it’s a simple process and much safer for your skin than regular shaving.

Check the ingredients, know your skin, and watch for products that could cause irritation. When your skin is oily, you can try the best serum for oily skin after saving that smooth your skin and help to remove excess oil production.

7. Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep is crucial to your health, both mentally and physically. It’s the only chance your brain gets to decompress and fix the damage that happened all day.

As you rest, your body is able to circulate blood flow to your skin and regenerate your collagen production. You truly do need your beauty sleep if you want smooth, supple skin!


Keeping your skin youthful and radiant isn’t hard, but it does require work. You must feed it well from the inside out, including the beauty products you use.

Through healthy lifestyle choices and the right beauty routine, you can get back your youthful glow or keep it longer. It’s a matter of building the right habits, but your skin will show its appreciation by looking good beyond your years!

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