Top 5 Tips To Create A Good UX Design

At the core of product design is the two words, User Experience. Whether it is a website or a mobile application, it only connects with users when it implements great UX design. Statistics states that nearly 80% of users abandon a site if it doesn’t make an impression on them in the first 5 seconds. UX design is the key to making that impression.

UX design is all about improving the users’ experience when they interact with a product. The aim is to do it while boosting the business in such a way that users are interested in what the business has to offer.

Let us take a look at five practical tips that make a UX design engaging.

  1. Know your audience

While this seems like a very obvious point, it is often not given enough importance. The foundation of a great UX design is identifying the needs and demands of the target audience.

Designers often work under assumptions, due to budget constraints and with the understanding that their intuition will be right. While some assumptions hit the mark, some don’t. So it’s important to perform UX research at the beginning of a design process. By doing UX research, data is gathered from real users, and hence, it helps identify real needs and pain points. It also provides designers a means to validate their assumptions.

  1. . Don’t change for the sake of change

Have you ever thought why almost all mobile apps or websites have the same structure? It is because users prefer familiarity and might not welcome a drastic change. It is basic human psychology.

A conventional design is essential for engagement. And engagement is crucial for the success of any app or website. When a UX design process tries to reinvent the design, it often results in confusing navigation and affects usability.

There is a reason why tried and tested methods work. So if a UX designer intends to differentiate his design, it’s better to bring minor changes than changing as a whole.

  1.  Be simple, be clear

How many times have you seen a website and immediately felt overwhelmed with all the information? Would you consider revisiting such a cluttered website?

Never. Too much is an instant put-off. That is why designers should employ UX design principles in such a way that information is made available to users in packets and not as a whole. As a UX designer, your goal should be to take the users to their goal. And in order to do that, you should help the users maintain their focus and provide a clear path for them to navigate.

  1. . Don’t make users think

If a user wants to perform an action and he could just do it, without thinking about how to do it, imagine how great that would be! That is where making the design visually distinct comes into play. It helps to make the user’s navigation clear.

Some steps using which this can be achieved are:

  • Make the call to action button stand out from the design and make their purpose clear. They can be given in a contrasting color with content that describes its purpose.
  • Content should be structured so that the most important content catches the users’ attention at first look. This can be achieved by placing them on top, using a different font, etc.
  • Navigation menu should be made accessible to users at all times. Users should be able to understand where they are on the website or mobile app at any point during their journey.
  1. . Make the journey consistent

A key aspect that determines the users’ flow through the design journey is consistency. Consistency is when a user moves from one page to another, and he can experience a seamless transition.

To make the user journey consistent, a designer needs to analyze the step by step process that the user might follow. There shouldn’t be any dead ends, like broken pages that will interrupt the user flow. Consistency should be maintained throughout the design. Using a consistent color scheme is one way to achieve this.

With a little effort, a good UX design is definitely achievable. The key to UX design is to make it click with the target audience. The best designs are a joy to use, and by following these tips, a UX design company can easily create designs that connect and interact.

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