Struggles and Visions for the Future with High Farms

David Albanese, being a CEO of a small business (High Farms) in Ventura, manages the supply and distribution of Cannabis among the masses. And even though the businesses are being disrupted due to uncertainty and conflict arising among people due to Covid-19. David and his team would stop at nothing keep struggling to brew out new ideas through innovation, strategic thinking, and leadership. It would be a matter of time when the situation is going to show than a clear road to what always dreamt off, and prove the authenticity of what they always believed in.

Their mission

As both advocate and supporter, High Farms is a pioneer in the cannabis sector development. In the light of their direct and Honest public concern for health and safety, they are arguing for the significant position played by Cannabis on fiscal, social, and cultural grounds of the state. There they are, and they can help in generating employment, strengthening societies, and developing a better future for the Commonwealth and their region of concern. And of course, they plan to expand their area of expertise to other places as well.

Their Vision

As the leading cannabis-related firm, they are working towards a vibrant, sustainable cannabis industry that acts as a positive driver in the area and is accountable to our collaborators, neighbors, clients, and policy stakeholders.

The principles and beliefs

On behalf of its leaders, High Farms advocates eliminating barriers, the battle against prohibition, and the introduction of Cannabis into the Massachusetts community. They are creating ethical practices to establish trust and fair opportunity for all. They also have essential tools for cannabis companies and related practitioners with best practices and networking opportunities.

What they work for

Growth and development: 

As the only way to fight negativity and increase reputation, they advocate ethical norms, fair legislation, and good practices. This is how they are creating a solid base for the cannabis industry’s sustainable development.

Community Building: 

Cannabis firms must communicate and share their expertise, information, and best practices to be effective. This is why they can create an influential, vibrant culture to take on challenges and opportunities together.

Networks’ Strength: 

There is a small market in solitary confinement, which is why we establish a comprehensive and extensive network of specialist facilities through a mix of vendors, suppliers, legal and financial resources.


In an evolving sector, we can do it right from the outset and advocate towards sustainability, civil rights, and equality. Their group embraces egalitarian activities.

It is challenging to establish and operate a business. Everyone would do it if it were straightforward, and any project would be efficient. Stepping apart from your productive decision to run your business is the contrast between fundraising and heading home naked. As you speak to clients, demonstrating you have an awareness about how outcomes should be generated in an efficient way, which in turn improves the chances of profitability and profit for you and the shareholders. It is evidence of organizational ability, which High Farms has always believed in and it is what David Nicolas Albanese want.

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