5 Trends In The Beauty Industry You Should Be Aware Of In 2020

In the past few years, the beauty industry has seen some major changes. From a sharp rise in the number of small organic vegan beauty brands to the increasing use of technology, the beauty industry has seen some great transformations.

We are also seeing the rise of an informed consumer. The consumer is now much more aware thanks to the rise of information on the internet. The average consumer understands important aspects of the beauty industry like ingredients, animal cruelty, fake marketing and so on.

In this article, we speak to one of the world’s leading experts on beauty, Amanda Jo Organic Bunny, and discuss some trends, which are defining the beauty industry in 2020.

List of 5 Trends in the Beauty Industry you should be aware of in 2020

  1. The Shift from Chemical to Organic Brands and Products-

With the rise in digital information, consumers are now more conscious than ever of what they are putting on their skin. They have realized that for a very long time, they were applying harmful chemicals and toxins in the name of skincare products and makeup.

This information has given rise to the adoption of natural and organic brands in the past few years. People now want to use brands, which are responsible in nature, ethically made and can strike a real relationship with the consumers rather than just hard sell products.

  1. The Rise of the Informed Consumer-

The advent of social media, review platforms, ecommerce websites means that the consumer is now much more aware than he ever was. Leading beauty (makeup) bloggers offer their expert reviews on beauty and skincare products in the market.

Comparison sites also call out brands and products that use chemicals or price their products at a premium just for profits. All this has made consumers aware of the ecosystem. The influence of billion-dollar brands is waning thanks to all the information out there.

  1. Promotion of Holistic Well-Being-

Many leading beauty experts opine that healthy skin is not only a function of what we are putting externally. It also depends on what we are eating and drinking. Regular exercise also plays a vital role in maintaining great skin.

Many beauty and skincare experts are also recommending Yoga to calm the mind, bring in peace, improve fitness levels and promote overall well-being. The importance of living healthy in terms of food, exercise and wellness is something many consumers are adapting to.

  1. The Rise of Search and Social in Beauty Industry-

As we have already mentioned, the beauty industry has been both positively and negatively affected by the rise of search engines and social media channels. Many brands have launched their own ecommerce sites and invest heavily in online promotions.

This has opened up newer channels of communication with consumers. It has also enabled a brand to engage and take feedback from the consumers on their products. The first point of information or education of a consumer with a beauty brand is mostly through digital.

  1. The Growth of Small Niche-Based Beauty Brands-

One of the major trends in the beauty industry has been the disruption caused by smaller organic and tech-driven brands. These smaller brands have effectively utilized social media channels, created attractive ecommerce websites and aggressively pursued influencer marketing.

All this has meant that they have grown very fast and now occupy considerable market share in the lucrative industry. However, that does not mean that the ‘Loreals’ of the world have let go of their market share.

The Final Word

The beauty industry is a highly dynamic segment, which sees new forms of growth and development every year. The rise of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Smart Consumer has made this industry exciting and evolutionary.

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