Nitreo – Growing Tool or A Scam?

Nitreo is an Instagram developing tool that professes to rise someone’s Instagram profile naturally, such as allowing new followers automatically, promote and engaged hashtags to reach a high audience. They pledge that they use real IPs, real phone and account and account managers to engage with real people. But one crucial thing that needs to clear about this is Nitreo is not an Instagram bot, but they claim that they offer more than the bots. By using real phone and account, they try their best to present that they have enough concern about customers safety. Though they try their best to believe their customer that they are reliable, sometimes it heard that “Nitreo is Scam (Social Captain Rebranded)”. Many of the users claimed that they got banned after using this and it didn’t work at all.

How does Nitreo work?

Nitreo has some own features to grow Instagram profiles like –

  • Getting a new follower
  • Hashtag facilities to reach a high audience
  • Offering account manager
  • Linking with comments
  • Giving facilities with whitelist ( some reliable accounts from unfollowing)
  • Targeting some specific location, username or hashtag to reach a high audience

Is Nitreo safe for users?

Nitreo uses real IPs and accounts and whitelist to grow followers. It is heard that for growing too fast, some of the ids got banned from Instagram. Those users said its features didn’t help them at all. It was just a waste of money and time. To grow fast, the AI features sometimes include suspicious account to the follower list, which helps to get banned or blocked. Those users claimed that it is a scam. For being a scam, they may harm the personal data of the users. There is a little bit argument among users. Some of them claim Nitreo is safe and some of them claim they got blocked for using Nitreo.


Why people go for the Instagram growing tool?

Every day more businesses, as well as customers, are joining Instagram to take some advantages for business. They can easily promote their company at this platform. Per day approximately 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram. That’s why it became an important platform to grow business for both individual and company. A user always targets to reach a particular number of audience and a specific type of audience such as a publication still target book lover’s account as their audience. Nowadays growing business or promoting self-brand has become one of the most crucial reasons to choose the online growing tool. When users go for an online growing tool, there will have a chance to find a scam. And then the scam can make a loss to the business instead of growing that. So, there is always a risk about the scam.

Disadvantages of using an online growing tool like Nitreo:

Nitreo mainly works for the Instagram profile. Besides being a scam, it can sometimes violate the terms and condition of Instagram. Sometimes there can be found real but some suspicious account which can affect users motive. When follower growing too fast, sometimes engagement can be hampered. Account managers fix problems automatically, which can sometimes harm the privacy of the user, and it will step quickly towards being block and sometimes it can cause other sensitive issue related to the user. Unusual comments which are linked to the post can be miss-matched which another problem. Whitelist, which contains some following accounts for an extended period without unfollowing, can violate the safety of users account. Though users acknowledge about the scam, there is also some unavoidable issue which can easily harm users account and will step towards getting banned and blocked from Instagram.

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