Blackjack Myths – Know All the Truth About the Game You Like

Nowadays, experts classify blackjack as one of the most difficult games in modern casinos. It is no wonder in such a statement – each of us who has ever made a bet at the game knows how difficult it is to play blackjack and how much effort it takes. The key challenge for the player is to choose the appropriate game type and master the strategy that will best suit that specific blackjack version.

No matter if you are a novice gambler or have solid experience in playing online blackjack in Canada, there are still some things that you may not know or “read” in a wrong way when playing blackjack. In this post, we have made a selection of the most common myths about your favorite game.

#1 – Professionalism Is the Key to Success

Of course, an experienced player has more chances to win when compared to a beginner, but this will certainly not give him any advantages over a gambling house. No experience will reduce the benefit of a casino. However, if you play according to the correctly chosen strategy, then the probability of your win will increase significantly.

#2 – Shuffle Machines Give Additional Benefits to a Casino

The use of shuffle machines doesn’t change the advantage rates or game rules. Such devices are only needed to increase the pace of the game. According to statistics, the shuffle machine allows you to carry out 20% more hands per hour, which has nothing to do with a gambling house getting any special privileges.

#3 – Beginners “Steal” Your Winning Odds

Blackjack is not a crowd play, and no players at the table can influence your winnings in any way. Of course, in each of the individual hands, the game flow will definitely depend on the card combinations of players sitting close to you. But over a long course of the blackjack session, they will not interfere with you in any way.

#4 – The Number of Decks Doesn’t Matter

Now let’s turn to the less common myth. So, is it true that if the game is played with a single deck, the winning odds are the same as when playing with six decks? Provided that the other rules are identical, playing with a single deck will really be more profitable. However, everything largely depends on the size of the payment.

#5 – It Is Legal to Count Cards

In practice, there was no single case when a person was sent to jail or paid a fine for counting cards. However, despite the fact that there is no direct prohibition, the gambling house has a very negative attitude to this practice and does not serve the players who were suspected of being counters. It is not uncommon for a casino to simply introduce additional game rules that make card counting ineffective.

#6 – Blackjack Is the Most Profitable Game for the Player

By the way, this is quite true for land-based casinos. Adhering to a well-chosen strategy, it is quite possible to reduce the advantage of a gambling establishment to a minimum and even get some privileges.

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