American Marriage Ministries Helps Bridge the Gap of Lack of Ministers During COVID-19

Planning a wedding during the COVID-19 global pandemic is nothing short of a nightmare: venue cancellations, having to cut down the guest list exponentially to fit within social distancing guidelines, finding a mask that goes with a wedding dress, and then, the horror of having an officiant cancel last-minute can all add up to being an overwhelmingly stressful process. American Marriage Ministries is hoping to take some of that stress away with an innovative idea: ordaining wedding officiants that are already a part of the wedding party’s social circle.

In the midst of tumult, American Marriage Industries (AMM) is providing a free online service for ordination that helps couples keep their dates and adapt to the new reality. 

“Micro weddings” are the new normal during COVID-19, small ceremonies and celebrations that are often outdoors and that follow social distancing guidelines.  This new form of wedding is driving the demand for online ordination, which allows people to limit outsiders who are a part of the big day. Instead, couples can find someone within their social circle to officiate the wedding, such as a cousin, sibling or a parent.

Executive Director of American Marriage Ministries, Lewis King, said “Every day, AMM has ordained hundreds of friends and family members who stepped up to save the day. With a vaccine on the horizon, wedding officiants ordained by AMM will continue to play a crucial role, helping couples create memorable moments despite the obstacles ahead.”

You may think that the demand for this kind of ordainment may pass when social distancing guidelines become more relaxed. But, in fact, the estimated effect is the opposite, as the wedding industry is expected to be unable to meet the pent-up demand of couples that have deferred or postponed their wedding plans, not to mention couples who have since become engaged and are planning a new wedding altogether. This could trigger a paradigm shift in the industry, and continue to broaden the scope of how weddings are celebrated.

AMM is a certified, non-profit church that offers a transparent and accepting organization for couples and ministers that want to celebrate weddings that reflect their values and beliefs. With more than 750,000 ordained ministers and hundreds more signing up every day, AMM is ensuring that couples and ministers are still able to move forward with their plans, even if they don’t yet know exactly what the future holds when the country can re-open again.

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