Want To Know What The Most Watched Series Are To Date?

Want To Know What The Most Watched Series Are To Date?

IMDB has long been in the business of keeping track of movie rating as well as TV series. It is one of the most reliable sources of information if you want to find out which films and movies were the most watched and right now Game of Thrones takes the throne for the most-watched series of all time!

Just when we thought nothing could beat The Wire series set in Maryland’s Baltimore, a string of brand new series hit the TV industry pushing the wire far down the list.

Here are the top 4!

1. Game of Thrones (2011–2019)

If Game of Thrones started with the last series, then it would have probably died a death. Yes, it was the most-watched series globally but it came to a disappointing end with several characters built up throughout the entire 7 series amounting to nothing when the writers decided to close up shop in a rush end that left most Game of Thrones bitter. However, from series 1 to 6 it was undoubtedly one of the best dramas ever created!

2. Stranger Things (2016–Ongoing)

This was a surprising second place on the IMDB website. If you are a fan, then you will beg to differ, and if you compare the supernatural theme of this series to that of Game of Thrones, then things start to fall in place. It seems that if TV producers want to become popular these days, then the strange and supernatural plot seems to be the key.

3. The Walking Dead (2010–Ongoing)

Once again on the theme of supernatural or at least unnatural, the Walking Dead is the third most popular TV show to your screens. This is a bloodthirsty zombie thriller that follows the story of Deputy Rick Grimes who awakes from a coma only to find the world is not the same place before his coma. The only mission for Rick and his group of survivors is to take each day as it comes and try to survive.

Right now this is one of the longest-running seasons ever made and it is now on series 10. If you were ever looking for something to binge-watch, then this is it!

4. 13 Reasons Why (2017–2020)

13 Reasons Why is still going and now into its 4th season. Yet it could end up being scrapped already despite it being the 4th most popular TV show ever created. It is a teen drama that came out of the Netflix camp and is yet another reason why Netflix is now firmly on the map in the film industry.

The series covers tons of societal issues and topics such as suicide, racism, mental health, drugs, alcohol, steroids, police brutality, and just about everything else wrong with society today. These topics are arguably the reasons why this series has become so popular because so many people can relate to these issues.

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