Said Elivar Is A 19-Year-Old Mexican Entrepreneur Who Runs SUCESS4SOCIETY: In Just Six Months, 10 Of His Clients Started To Make $10,000 A Month

Said Elivar is a 19-year-old Mexican entrepreneur, who became interested in the social media industry and business during his teenage years. Now he dedicates himself to online marketing with his brand SUCCESS4SOCIETY.

“It immediately got my attention, I read the message and got in touch with this person. This person and I made an appointment at a place where the project would be presented to more people, it was going to be a big event, it would be in the main hall of a well-known hotel in Mexico City. The next thing I did was get in touch with one of my best friends at the time and I told him about this situation, inviting him and hoping that he would go with me to the event.” Said shares. 

The event was a great opportunity for Said. The leaders of the company showed them the results of their work and said that if they put in the work, time and dedication to the business, they could be seeing the same results, too. 

After attending the event, Said had to make an initial investment of $1,490. Although at the time he did not have that amount, that situation did not stop him. He decided to take action on the matter to achieve his goal.

I bought candy at a cheap price and sold it more expensive on the streets of the rich areas of the city. I sold books. I did jobs for my schoolmates and charged for them. I bought clothes and sold them more expensively to people I knew, to my friends and family. I learned to do magic tricks with cards and went to parts of the city with many people to do those tricks to people on the street, hoping they would give me some money.” Said recounts.

Said’s decisions and actions to achieve his goal made his parents lose confidence in him. However, the flame of the enterprise was still alive in him and after a few months of insistence towards his parents, he managed to give him the much desired second chance he needed.

Soon after, Said and his mom moved to Riverside, California for Said to resume high school studies and make his dreams come true. His mom had left her own business and stability behind to go to a new country with a new culture to help her son achieve his goals.

In the mornings I studied in high school and in the afternoons, I studied English for two hours, every day until I learned it. I still had some free time every day, so I decided to open a business profile on instagram and decided to call it @SUCCESS4SOCIETY, on this profile I posted pictures with motivational phrases, and in the caption I wrote what I thought about it.” Said says.

Said started to research online marketing, affiliate marketing, and network marketing. He spent hours reading books about it, watching videos, and learning from online courses. With all the knowledge he had earned, he decided to take SUCCESS4SOCIETY to be a real brand. Then, right when COVID-19 arrived, Said had the opportunity to bring the brand to life.

“I decided to dedicate myself to that brand to be in online marketing, and after two months, that brand was already generating an income of five thousand dollars a month.” Said shares.

When many of his followers were obtaining significant economic benefits, Said realized that his strategies were effective. That is how in six months he managed to build in SUCCESS4SOCIETY a community and a team with results, helping 10 of his clients generate 10 thousand dollars a month. 

Said’s online marketing business has two sources of value: the first is based on helping his clients achieve their goals in selling the product or service they are promoting. 

“I use Instagram to teach people how they can monetize their Instagram profile with three methods affiliate marketing, network marketing, and also help them create their own product and brand.” Said explains.

The second source of value of SUCCESS4SOCIETY is based on helping his clients improve their social image on Instagram, and promoting the product or service they have through the brochures Said’s team makes for them.

My main objective with my business is to help all those dreamers who believe and know that everything in this life is possible and that they can achieve the lifestyle they dream of with enough work and determination.” Said says.

At the beginning of this year, Said’s goal was to have 10 clients generate a passive income of $10,000 per month. That was achieved halfway through. Now their next goal is that 100 clients have a monthly income of $100,000 to be achieved by the end of 2021.

Find out more about Said Elivar and his brand SUCCESS4SOCIETY here.

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