Meet Ricky Rene: The 29-Year-Old Serial Entrepreneur Who Has Built Multiple Businesses Based On The Principles, Promises And Powers Of God

Ricky Rene Ascencio, also known as Ricky Rene, is a 29-year-old man of God, originally from Los Angeles, California. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built his multiple businesses based on the principles, promises, and powers of God.

Ricky Rene grew up in a family that struggled financially and he was able to see all the battles that come from this struggle. This made him realize from an early age what he wanted to do in his life.

“I knew I wanted to build and create better circumstances in my life and lead millions of others to do the same.” Ricky shares.

In addition, throughout his life, God has always played a huge role. Ricky Rene’s faith and his relationship to God as it pertains to his life and plans has been a fundamental part of his success.

God has made the greatest impact in my life. He has always guided me to think big, dream big, pray big, and manifest big for His Glory. Service to many leads to greatness.” Ricky states.

From the beginning, Ricky Rene understood that God had given him the vision and mission to add value to others’ lives on a mass scale. 

“Through creating businesses we add both value to consumers and creating new jobs in the marketplace. When we do it well we gain bigger profits allowing us to create a bigger impact and contribution to the world.” Ricky explains.

And lo and behold, in his business career, Ricky Rene has built and led sales teams in over seven different states with an organization of over 150 individuals in just five years. He started by focusing on multi-level marketing, and ended up leading sales teams of over 50 people for ADT from door to door, traveling to over 10 states. 

In 2017 Ricky Rene partnered with digital marketing leaders and created his first online brand. He became an expert at building large engaged audiences and made the decision to do it for Pro Athletes.

“I launched my Legacy LA company and I am now building social media for professional athletes in the MLB and NFL.” Ricky says.

Overall, Ricky Rene has led organizations that do more than 25 million in sales, and he has created an exclusive client list of over 25+ Pro Athletes.

Just last year, he partnered with a real estate investor named Jonathan Messri and created his own real estate investment company called Cash Out On My Home. In only six months, he had already generated 1.5 million dollars in real estate transactions monthly revenue. But, of course, COVID-19 changed things somewhat.

“Covid 19 completely rocked the world in changing our day to day activities. With business closing and limiting our ability to continue operation in our normal environments it was essential to accept the changes, adapt to changes, and then make the changes work for you.” Ricky shares.

For Ricky, it is essential to live a disciplined and structured life. Before COVID, he would get up at 4:30 am, be at the gym at 5:30 and get to the office by 7:00. Now, the gym is closed and he works from home, which changed everything.

“My schedule became more relaxed and was no longer on my regular schedule. Business continued to grow, but something felt wrong. I realized that it was essential to create new disciplines in our current circumstances in order to meet.” Ricky recounts.

Instead of the gym, Ricky took on running, and is now running an average of seven miles a day. Moreover, when church doors closed, he started an online ministry.

For the rest of 2020, Ricky Rene has ambitious plans lined up. He is determined to earn over seven million in real estate transactions by December 23. He also wants to be serving more than 50 Pro Athletes by the same date. Finally, he wants to release his first book, A Eternal Devotional by Spring 2021

Find out more about Ricky Rene here.

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