How to find the best online sweepstakes to enter?

Running a sweepstakes and giveaway is one of the best tools for marketing. It is used by small businesses to corporate giants to attract customers and retain their brand awareness. It is very scalable method where they can start with few thousands to millions of dollars. 

There are tons of such contests are launched every day. Most people don’t aware of such promotion and offers. The women above 50 are major participants in such contest as we can understand. Many people thinks that they can’t win or such contest are time consuming, but for some people it is the way of spending free time.

Why to enter sweepstakes?

Varieties of Prizes: You can win cash, gift cards, food vouchers, tickets of cruise or festivals, international holidays, home makeover and even a car. So there is no limit of gifts and cash that some contests are giving millions of dollars to winners.

Equal chance: If you think this contest or giveaway is not for me, or i am not customer or i have never heard name of such brand, No problem. There is a law by US federal that there must be equal chance in sweepstakes. They can’t even force you to make purchase anything. Being a customer doesn’t increase your chance of winning. So there is an equal chance for every eligible participant.

Easy to Enter: Entry to sweepstakes must be easy, not much confusion is there. If you are residents of the U.S and 18 years or above, you can enter in almost all the sweepstakes.  You will just need a valid email address and some other details to participate.

How to find the best sweepstakes?

There are several portals that list the hundreds of sweepstakes every day. However not all sweepstakes might catch your attention, but there are few selected there to check. Go to and check such contests. Now go through the list and click where you find promising.

If you are in a hurry, you can go to a section where you can see expiring soon contests. It will save your time and you can enter at the last minute.

They display how many days are remaining to enter? What can you win? What is the total value of prizes? What type of entry is available, single or daily or weekly? So you can get an idea about the whole thing in a very few minutes. It saves your time and provides you a chance to view more contests at a time.

Tips to choose best giveaway

  • Cash is the most preferred by customers.  Large prize such as car will need you to spend extra amount for delivery and other expense.
  • If you are entering to travel contest, make sure it is with in USA or you might have to spend extra for visa and others.
  • Most of the sweepstakes are single entry, so don’t forget the last date. Single entry sweepstakes will increase a chance of winning, as multiple entry contests will have lots of entry.
  •  Check how many prizes are there. If it is popular brand with lower numbers of prize, your chance of winning is very thin. If it is small business and number of prizes is more, you can win with more probability.
  • Some sweepstakes are very particular to niche and giving away things of particular interest. For example there is a contest of winning photography goods for professional and another is a contest of winning camera. There will be few participants in hobby giveaway compare to general giveaway. Your chance of winning such contest will be greater. For example, on HomeApproach you can find amazing homeowner sweepstakes.
  • Never run after a gift card that you can’t redeem. If the store is not in your area and you can’t redeem for any reason, you should never enter in such contests.
  • Survey sweepstakes can take your little time, don’t enter if you don’t know about that brand.
  • Select multiple entry sweepstakes only if you can enter multiple times. You need to keep track of such sweepstakes to enter
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