How Holistic Addiction Rehab Can Help Those Who Have Relapsed

When talking about drug rehabilitation therapies, people understand that it is an amalgamation of medical and behavioral therapies to clean the body and mind. The rehabilitation programs works through detoxification and imparts positivity to the thoughts that dissociate the mind from drugs and alcohol. After the treatment, addicts can return to a sober life as their minds and bodies learn to live life without drugs. But often, it is easier said than done because it can be challenging to deal with the withdrawal symptoms that make it hard to sustain the good results in the long term. Often there are chances of relapse. 

To avoid losing out on the hard-earned success from drug rehabilitation treatment and ensure long-lasting results by eradicating relapse possibilities, experts are recommending Holistic Addiction treatment. The treatment is different in its approach as it overrides the focus on the physical aspects of treatment based on physical and medical therapies for drug rehabilitation treatment. Holistic rehab treatments might not use any medicines for the recovery process, making it different from the standard drug rehabilitation treatment.

What is holistic therapy for drug de-addiction?

Holistic drug rehab centers take a unique approach by considering the individual’s mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects and looking beyond their physical state but not overlooking it. Since drugs and alcohol affect the body, which in turn impacts the mind, the body is at the focus of traditional treatments for drug rehabilitation programs. But in the holistic treatment to recover from drug addiction, the treatment addresses the whole entity of the patient and not only the medical aspects. The psychological aspects of the patient are as much important as the physical aspects of the treatment.

Holistic care includes non-medical approaches and the clinical aspects of treatment, which widens the scope of treatment and ensures better results with minimal chances of relapse. This allows using some methods that can heal patients of their addiction to substances even without using medicines. However, the approach can make minimal use of medicines and medical therapies depending on patients’ needs.

The treatment methods

Holistic drug therapy might include some non-conventional methods and therapies that appear to have a remote connection to drugs, yet help achieve a better outcome.  Since the success of drug deaddiction or rehabilitation treatment depends a lot on the mental condition of the patient and the commitment to be free from drugs, the holistic treatment methods give more emphasis on the mind and emotion of patients. It can include talk therapy, mindfulness meditation training, Yoga, massage therapy, Tai Chi, spiritual therapy, art therapy, proper nutrition, and exercises.

Types of Holistic addiction therapies

The aim of inpatient drug rehab programs of any kind is to eliminate the causes of attraction towards drugs and, at the same time, highlight the positives of sobriety so that it trains the patient’s mind to choose the right way to lead a regular life free from substances. The mental state of patients plays a significant role in the outcome of the treatment.

Meditation– The clearer is the mind of patients higher are the chances of recovery from drug addiction. Many holistic treatment plans include guided meditation, which might even include Yoga and Tai Chi that can declutter the mind and lend more clarity to thoughts. It helps to distinguish between the good and the bad much better and gives the strength to overcome the lure of substances in the long run failing, which can lead to relapse.

Recreational therapy and exercise – Daily exercises lend a purpose to live, and following a routine can relieve stress and build a healthy and robust body that supports a healthy mind. Exercise is an integral part of any holistic treatment. Outdoor activities like canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, or horse riding, which are sometimes part of the treatment plan, help patients discover the bigger picture of life and motivate them to embrace positivity and enjoy healthy living.

Nutritional therapy – To hold on the gains from exercises it is vital to building a strong body by eating healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet that builds immunity and provides the motivation to live a healthy life without depending on drugs or alcohol. 

Massage and acupuncture – Massage is often a part of holistic treatment as it helps to relax the body and mind. Acupuncture helps restore the balance of the body that is often lost under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Choose a competent therapist to help you.

Holistic treatment for drug deaddiction provides long term cure by addressing the root cause of addiction, preventing relapse when undergoing traditional treatment for drug rehabilitation. Holistic medicine can address multiple factors that lead to drug addiction and ensure that there are no relapse chances as the approach can provide a resolution that eliminates the causes and not the symptoms only.

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