Entrepreneur Gary McSween Shares His Story

Gary McSween always had his doubts about motivational tactics and the inspiration people could find in motivational speakers. This was his belief until he attended an event in Dallas, Texas many years ago after meeting the multiple seven figure earner, David Imonitie, his now mentor. From there, the rest was history.

“I met a 6 figure earner at that time Edward Hartley. Through my sit down conversation with him, I realized that this was a real opportunity and I decided to join the company and give it a shot. My first few months were no success. Then I attended my very first event in Dallas Texas and that’s when my BELIEF system Exploded. Came back to my home and started building aggressively. Then, in just “In just two short years, I became “Rookie of the Year.”  Gary recounts.

His mentorship (from David Imonitie) was the key to Gary’s success and what he advises for people looking to start their own business. Without this excellent mentorship, Gary would have kept on doing what he was doing at the time and never would have been successful. Instead, he found an excellent mentor who helped him throughout the bumps on the road to success. He got farther in life than he could have ever imagined.

“Make your goals very clear. Then find a coach and mentor who has won in the exact same field you want to win in. LISTEN to EXACTLY what they say to you to do. DO IT UNTIL YOU WIN. Success is also 90 – 99% mental and 1 – 10 % Skill. If you don’t win the battle in the mind you will not win in the physical. Success in all you do happens in the mind first.” Gary advises.

Now, Gary is the recipient of multiple awards and achieved a lot through his hard work and new outlook on life. He is now the CEO of iBelieveVentures and a top earner in the IM Mastery Academy as well as an investor. Very few receive the recognition that Gary has.

 This award was bestowed to one who had achieved exponential growth and quick acceleration in a short amount of time within the organization. With success comes challenges as well. After having some success my business took a hit with product prices and lack of fulfillment by the company. This drastically affected my income and I went from having to barely being able to pay my rent and put food on the table to making millions. In 2016 I got introduced to IM Mastery Academy, that is when I got the game plan from my mentor and decided to go all out. Now less than 4 years later  we have gone on  to build a sales and marketing organization of well over 10,000 customers and IBOs (Independent Business Owners) in over 45 countries including, Trinidad, Jamaica, U.S.A, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, London, Dubai, Netherlands, South America and several Caribbean islands, with annual sales of tens of millions of  dollars.” states Gary.

Despite his success now, the path has not always been easy for Gary. His biggest challenge was self belief, he never understood the power of believing.  It was through his experience and mentorship is what helped him gain the confidence in understanding the process of beleing. Now Gary is making it his mission to empower people to find that belief in themselves. 

“My biggest challenge is doubt and unbelief. Believing that you can do it, Once you believe you can do it and it’s the right vehicle anything is possible. Success is a moving target. Success for me is not the destination but it is the path to the destination. There are so many people my age with less education who are having massive success that most in the corporate world would not earn or even think about.” Gary explains.

He was able to get over these bumps and is planning on continuing to focus on his business as well as expand to some new things. As a family man with two kids, Gary hopes to help families as his next project. He is hoping to change their lives over two years in order to give them a better life.

“As a phenomenal father of 2 and husband of Talitha McSween, my mission is to impact the lives of 100,000 families positively in the next 2 years. I’m a young man with a big heart. I care about seeing others win big time.” Gary exclaims.

Recently Gary released an audio explaining how he went from earning  $7k a year to 7 figures, in his audio called 7K TO 7FIGURES you can check this out on his website here. To find out more about Gary, you can follow him on Instagram here.

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