How to find the arrest records

The police record of a criminal history that includes the information of that person is known as Arrest records. You can check the background of a criminal with the help of these records. The records clearly tell you that the person was arrested, also tell you about the charges and about the decision of court that whether he was guilty or not. Arrest records cannot be always used as criminal records because sometime the people are not found guilty of their alleged crimes.

Background check:

If you want to find out someone’s character and past information then you can check background by public data resources. Because public records only show you a public face of that person so go to the private companies.  Many private companies also generate and maintain the data.


This background check includes the following information in records:-

  • Name of the person
  • Age of the person
  • Date of birth
  • Cases about crimes committed
  • Cases about the crimes arrested
  • Relatives of that person
  • Records of marriage
  • Records of divorce
  • Civil records
  • Traffic tickets
  • Online presence
  • Information about social media

Things to consider:

If you have doubt on anyone and you want to find the arrest records then you should consider the following things:-

1.   Written consent

Before you start searching the arrest records you should think about the consequences and other risk factors. If you are working as an employee then laws can affect you that how you can verify the past history or background of a job applicant. If you want to check his criminal history then you need a written consent for this purpose from consumer reporting agency.

2.   Online research:

If you want to check the background then you should choose the online platforms. But you should remember that you can sued for defamation.

3.   Sex offender registries:

The most convenient way to search the criminal history is to search that whether the person is a convicted sex offender or not. It can be find out by sex offender registries that are maintained by a federal government for tracking and monitoring the persons with sex offense convictions. The registries include a photograph of a person so there will be no doubt left that the person you are thinking as a criminal whether he is in the registries or not.

4.   Websites for checking background:

If you want to find out the background of that person then you can search on different commercial background check websites because criminal histories of many people are available there. These sites mainly depend on private database and data from federal and government records. These sites can be a good choice in many situations.


Your security should be your first priority. So, you should be careful about the people living in your surroundings. If you suspect someone then you should do proper research on his background history and current activities. If you find something wrong then you should be prepared to dispute it.

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