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How rice cookers have evolved?

Rice is a universal food, loved by people from every part of the world. We can cook rice using different cooking methods such as a traditional stovetop method or a pressure cooker as well. A rice cooker is the most common way of cooking rice these days either brown or white rice. An electric rice cooker can not only make rice but it can cook several different foods also. It is a multifunctional cooking device and this very fact has made it extremely important today. A rice cooker has evolved from a humble cooking pot to a modern smart cooking device.

Birth of Rice Cooker

JAPAN is the birthplace of rice cooker. Before the invention of rice, Kamado was used to cook rice. Kamado is a muddy stove in the corner of a kitchen with a pot on it. It was a hectic task to start the fire in Kamado and the rice cooked was not that of great quality. Adjusting the temperature was another issue and the rice lacked the taste and flavor most people wished for. The idea came out in the period of 1915-1930 but it was actually invented in the year 1955. The previous versions of rice cookers were not so great and cooked burnt and raw rice. Such issues motivated engineers to invent the best rice cooker and in the pursuit, first quality rice cooker was invented in the year 1955 by Toshiba. It happened after almost a decade of research to find out the ways to enhance the functionality of a rice cooker. That was the end of Kamado’s ERA!

More positive changes were introduced in the year 1960. A rice cooker that could keep rice warm hours after cooking was trendy back then. Few other models were equipped with time settings but in the year 1970 computerized rice cooker was invented and re ruling the market since then.

Types of Rice Cooker

Based on the history and functionality of rice cookers, we can divide rice cookers into three simple categories.

1.       Standard rice cooker

2.       Improved rice cooker

3.       The best rice cooker

A rice cooker typically includes the following:

1.       A removable plastic, aluminum, or glass lid

2.       A nonstick removable inner pot

3.       A fuse protector

4.       A retractable cord

Modern devices come with great features such as induction heating, fuzzy logic technology, versatile settings, and multiple preset cooking menus that you can choose from.

They say ‘change is the only constant’ and that is true for everything including technology as it keeps changing every now and then. From Kamado to a modern computerized rice cooker everything is possible with technological changes. We cannot predict what the future holds for us in terms of advancement in an already advanced rice cooker but change is inevitable. There is a possibility that rice cookers will be more advanced and the cycle of advancement will lead to more sophisticated and advanced cooking devices which will reduce cooking time to a shocking level.

The invention of rice cooker has improved rice cooking in an amazing way and it can assist us with all our eating habits. Even if you wish to cook ramen noodles, a cooker will do that for you. Modern rice cookers can even make yogurt and bake a cake. If you can afford advanced rice cooker is the best option for your kitchen. It not only shortens cooking time but keeps the food warm for hours after cooking.

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