Techniques To Modernize An Old House

If you’re one of the few fortunate people to own a property with charm, you’ll know that comes with many pros and cons. Older properties will have a range of character features on display; however, making the interior feel modern and high-end is not as easy as in newer homes.

With some tried and trusted methods, making your precious real estate feel high-end and contemporary isn’t as difficult as you may think. Below is a rundown of how you can use to ensure your antique home shows off its best parts without looking weary and outdated.

Flooring And Rugs

Suppose your home is still housing a hotch-potch of aging carpets and rugs, maybe its time to bid them goodbye. Only because your house is considered old, doesn’t directly imply you need to furnish it with items from the matching era. There’s a wide variety of rugs on the market that can substitute older traditional styles and will completely transform the way any room looks.

If your property has natural wood flooring like solid wood or parquet flooring, try having it refurbished by a commercial construction firm that can re-stain and sand the floors to give them an incredible new breath of life. A refurbished, brand new wood floor will look amazing in any home, and they particularly suit period homes as they complement the existing features and radiate quality.

Use The Appropriate Color And Type Of Paint

Period properties tend to have a lot of imperfections on walls, moldings, and trims. A frequent mistake people make is to use gloss paint. Every painted surface with a sheen will expose those flaws that, in most lighting conditions, will stick out like an oddity.

Modernizing an antique room that has had its fair share of blows is pretty straightforward. Use a high-quality, hard-wearing matt finish primer and paint for the walls, woodwork, and trims. Your color palette will also play a huge role in the finished look. Go for soft, complementary tones and avoid bright, gaudy shades. Taupe and a neutral grey on the walls will blend perfectly with a somewhat darker tone on the molds, trims, and the ceilings.

Open Up Rooms For More Space

A lot of older buildings are broken up into multiple rooms, which is neither necessary nor practical with our new-age lifestyles. When the budget allows, see if your living space has areas that can be opened up to create a more open-plan commercial drafting design by breaking down one or more walls. By removing adjoining walls in living and dining rooms, or kitchen spaces, you can remodel an older house into a more chic living space and still preserve its character and original style.

Mix Period Features With Modern Ones

Don’t hold back from combining modern with period items. You’ll be stunned by how much this juxtaposition really works and can create a unique look that blends together surprisingly well.

All antique homes have a few items they just can’t say goodbye to – the antique table, the period wicker chair, or the old-fashioned lamps. It’s perfectly fine to mix these with a few contemporary upgrades that will create a rich tapestry of designs and make the room individual to you without feeling dated.

Highlight Authentic Character Features

Many character features in older homes are easily concealed and overlooked when they should be celebrated and cherished.

If you’re fortunate enough to have decorative items such as period moldings, stained glass, an old fireplace, or decadent sash windows, give them a proper makeover and let their beauty shine. These features get neglected frequently and start to appear unloved and worn-out.

Take care of the period features by keeping them cleaned, decorated, and accessorized, and they’ll rescue the entire house from looking dated and weary.

Modern, Floating Shelving

Simple modifications like shelving and cabinets can transform the look of a room. Most older homes don’t seem old because of their age, but due to the way they are decorated and furnished. If your display cabinets and shelves are starting to look worn, consider upgrades to modern, cleaner styles that let you display collectibles, keepsakes, and books without taking the whole room back to the past.

All these modifications can add a great boost of modern character to your old home without any major commercial and residential restoration.

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