Skin care tips: effective home remedies for healthy skin

Skin care routine is very important for everyone either she has a dry skin or oily. The home-made natural products are 100% pure as compared to the products available in the market. These remedies will be very helpful in delaying natural aging and prevent other skin issues. If you want to get glowing and a flawless skin with the home-made products then you should apply the following natural remedy ideas by using your kitchen ingredients that are easily available.

Effective home remedies:

1.    Use of honey:

Honey is the excellent ingredient for a glowing skin even when you take it as part of diet or when you apply it externally. If you have a dry skin, then give your skin the honey massage, leave it for few minutes and then wash it properly. After washing you will see a glow on your face and your skin will be softer than before.

2.    Use of milk:

If you will ever try to count the benefits of milk, you will fail to count, because it has countless benefits. If you want a glowing and soft skin then you can use it as a moisturizer that also prevents tanning. This can be a good option for the people who have dry skin.

3.    Use of banana:

This fruit can give you a beautiful skin when you mash a banana and massage your skin by its pulp particularly for dry skins. You can also get a fair and clear skin by using it and prevents other skin issues such as small red dots on skin.

4.    Use of olives:

You can take three to 4 mashed olives because it is the best source of vitamin E that is very good for skin. Apply that mashed olives on your skin and then get a glowing skin. It also has anti-aging properties.

5.    Use of sugar:

If your skin is rough and dry and you want to make it soft then you can take a small amount of fresh cream and add some white sugar into it and massage your skin. Then leave it for few minutes and wash it properly with cold water. This is a best home-made scrub for a glowing and healthy skin.

6.    Use of Aloe Vera:

It is the best method to get a perfectly healthy skin. First take a leaf and then gel is scrapped out from it. Massage your skin after mashing it. Leave it for few minute and then wash your face with cold water particularly in summers.

Other skin tips:

  • You can use raw potato for brightening your skin and treating your under eye dark circles.
  • You can use turmeric  for removing tan and treating blemishes
  • You can use tomato juice to get rid of blackheads
  • You can use tea tree oil for improving the skin texture
  • You can use rose water as a skin toner.


All the ideas of natural home-made moisturizers, toners, scrubs and masks are provided to you. Now, you should apply these products on your face for a healthy and glowing skin and also make your skin happy by natural ways.

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