The wellness and beauty industry always succeeds in freshness. 

However, in 2020, few trends that are being introduced are the ones you might get excited about.

1) Cherishing Evergreen allure:

Last year in 2019, Superdrug claimed that it would stock 20 various shades of foundation depending on the research, which reveals that two-thirds of the Asian and black women do not get their beauty demands fulfilled. 

Focusing more on the 40s and 50s category of women, in 2020, body types, skin tones, skincare, and hair will be considered, and the beauty industry would be working on it accordingly. It will pay attention to the anti-aging concerns as well. 

2) ‘Slow beauty’ changing to ‘blue beauty’: 

When we talk about continuous consumption, a slow beauty or blue beauty will be introduced, keeping in mind the environmental and sustainability ethics.

This particular point’s central concept is to focus on protecting and safeguarding the water and ocean supply.

Well, the beauty industry will play an essential part in the wellness of our planet in 2020.

3)  Advanced Microbiome treatment:

 According to the skincare authority, Paula Begoun, there exists about trillions of microorganisms on an individual’s skin, and each individual has a different microbiome.  

This is why it has become a dare for putting bacteria balancing components so that it can suit everyone.

Retaining bacterial homeostasis in your skin signifies that it  displays great skin texture and allows the product to enter into the skin. 

4)  A hyper-personalized proposal waits:

There are two techniques that the beauty industry would be taking. 

Home tech contributes to the beauty needs to a great extent. You can also evaluate your skin, dark spots, circles, pores, etc. with the home skincare consultant.  There are a lot of tools that are introduced to take care of you as well.

5) Mental health and beauty state:

The microbiome shows the extent to which the beauty and health worlds have merged, as both have contributed to the rise of CBD and vegan beauty and market.

Talking about wellness, Google says that the “self-care” search rised by 100% in the past years. In 2020, it is predicted that beauty brands will focus more on mental care, which is excellent, indeed.

Treatwell reports that there is about a 40% increase in the bookings of massage, which implies that people are paying attention and making self-care a priority. 

6) Anti-pollution care as sunscreen:

Research says nearly 4.2 million people die due to air pollution.

There are a lot of side effects that pollution causes on our skin. Introducing an anti-pollution mask should not be taken for granted and taken into consideration as soon as possible.

On that note, skincare Dr. Kulk  states that  he  thinks that the rise of desire for skincare and beauty products will become quite common in the coming years as they will serve as a sunscreen with anti-pollution elements. 

7) ‘Clean beauty’:  

Back In 2019, no one was aware of what ‘clean beauty’ was about.

In 2019 summer, the beauty industry started a change to provide “free-from” silicones, parabens, or chemicals that can be harsh on the skin. But it did not come up with it.

In 2020, we are expecting to get a clear definition of what exactly is a clean, transparent product. 

8) Adopting ‘skinimalist’ approach:

It does not matter if you look at such innovations that make your skin efficient or effective; you still need to make a skinimaist approach.

If you are one of them who doesn’t compromise on the outcomes, you probably apply a sort of a minimalist approach in your habit.

In such a case, go for brands with the best product reviews designed to reduce consumption, thereby simplifying your schedule.

9)  Ordinary Make-up:

Make-up sales were declined to an extent in 2019.

However, the famous make-up artist, Lisa Potter Dixon, says that this year in 2020, anyone can play and experiment with their makeup and hair. There are no rules in makeup. 

But, she advises that this does not means that you need to cover  whole of your face with neon shadow and gems. A subtle touch of glitters in the mid of your eyelid, and lower lash will provide a bold look. 

10) Post-influencer brands will flourish:

Social media or digital media gives a platform to influencers to sell brands.

Digital Avon has persuaded companies to restrain from paying the influencers who promote certain beauty products. 

After Instagram removed the feature of likes from it, it has left the influencers in a situation where they need to fight for the customers’ attention and earn their own money.

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