Supporting Those Who Are In High Risk Jobs: Samantha Draper Supports Women In All Different Kinds Of Occupations Who Need Defending

Samantha Draper is a talented entrepreneur who wears many hats. She began her business when she realized that there were a lot of high risk jobs in the billing and tech industry where very few people were covered. After experiencing this herself, she wanted to make sure that people were properly taken care of.

“I have made connections in the billing and tech world and discovered (high risk) billing that is associated with digital media. After my own trial and error, I discovered media sites use the high-risk billing to their advantage to up charge clients taking at least 20%-60% deductible of their earnings. They also tell clients you can “block” states for your safety, but their site is secretly using their own bots recording their content and selling them on the internet for their own profit. This, in turn, leaves the clients with their content all over the internet and over exposure of their content. These clients believe going into certain sites and blocking states that they are safe, when in turn the site itself is leaking,selling, and exposing their content and taking a high percentage of their earnings. That is when I decided to team up with a high-risk billing company and make my own site and content. With the success and programmers provided, we now have been expanding my site for high-risk billing clients with a 18% deductible and copyright/protection/DMCA to their content and image.” Samantha recounts.

A lot of Samantha’s business is focused around female empowerment as well as making sure people are protected from those high risk businesses. Like many other female entrepreneurs, Samantha believes that women supporting women are crucial to the success of everyone.

“I’ve always been open to anything about women empowerment. Prior to my decision to start my company, I worked in hospitality for 6 years being touched and violated by men, and I had enough and quit. I wanted to own my body and have it be my choice/decision. I used an alias and already had an Instagram account of about 70k followers. Overnight, they connected my alias to my real name and devoured me on the internet. At that moment I made a choice to quit, delete my Instagram and hide, or own it. So, I owned my name and built my own company.” Samantha states.

The way that Samantha differentiates herself from the competition is by not focusing on the other competitors. She does her own thing and she finds that the rest follow her lead. She supports other female entrepreneurs and works alongside them to better both businesses.

“How I differentiate myself from my competition is simple, because I do not look at anyone as a competitor. I applaud any female who is on their own journey as well trying to make it and make a difference. These women are not my competitors, but my community. I would love to see more women trying to start-up companies to empower each other, we need more platforms like that out there, the more the merrier!” Samantha exclaims.

Samantha explains that all she has done has been through a process of trial and error and finding her way. She has, throughout it all, supported women and supported herself. She recommends never giving up on yourself and continuing to push through the hard parts of life. 

“Everything I have done has been self-made or by trial and error. I’ve built my media from the ground up and lost some of those medias as well unfairly. Never give up, every setback is an opportunity for something bigger and better. People have tried to put me in a box for just the “hot girl”, but I refuse to let the world create a narrative for me off my occupation. I want to share the depth of empowerment that comes with being a content creator and this line of work.” Samantha explains.

To find out more about Samantha, follow her on instagram here.

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