Premiere: Seekay Addresses The Heavy Topic Of Depression And Its Potentially Irreversible Consequences On New Track ”Fall” FT Chloe

Pop artist Seekay releases his new track, “Fall,” shortly after having made the headlines with the popular “Hold” Ft Chloe. “Fall” sees Seekay continue his collaboration with Chloe, something we were secretly wishing for so much their first release displayed a perfect fit, this time with a very personal song to him. 

“Fall” is Seekay’s tribute track to one of his closest friends who passed away due to depression. Beyond the music and the flawless blend of sounds Seekay has over and over again proved he delivers like no one, his purpose with this track is to raise awareness regarding depression, its potentially irreversible consequence, and the urge to seek help for those undergoing such a struggle. 

Although it has been some years since his friend passed away, it took him years to find the emotional strength to find enough courage within himself to be able to write a song about it.  

As she did on “Hold,” Chloe finds the right dose of vulnerability to calmingly explore the feelings emanating from the lyrics through her magnificent vocals, without forgetting to mention London-based producer 3RVD’s contribution to polish and bring a top-notch finishing to the track. 

Combining the power of music and lyrics to move the listener is Seekay’s main mission on earth, beautifully fulfilled on his previous releases, “Hurts,” “Wonderful,” “Candlelight,” and “Hold,” and the release of “Fall” comes with perfect timing to reach an even larger audience. 

Stream “Fall” below:

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