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It’s not often that we come across an artist that encompasses so many facets of performance, music and humanity. Amy Bell, also known as Amy Correa Bell, is one of those artists and humanitarians and she is expressing her passions today in music, acting and philanthropy. She was raised in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, and even as a young child she sought to become a TV actor and pursued writing music and lyrics. Her family remembers her as a 2 year old performing skits and songs in front of the whole family, free-styling a variety show style mix of songs and scenes for the entertainment of family and friends. Amy found success early on booking roles on The Famous Jet Jackson, ER, Judging Amy and That’s so Raven. She had various appearances on Strong Medicine, Boston Public and the Gilmore Girls pilot. In addition, she appeared on many commercials, including a major role on 2007’s Chevrolet Super Bowl feature. Her more recent appearances include a lead role on movie A Girl Like Grace, where she also has her music featured. In a strange twist, her life was also portrayed on BET’s The New Edition Story which had over twenty-nine million viewers. As a musician and artist, Amy was signed to a record deal with MCA’s girl group Gylrz Society, and toured the midwest in the early 2000s. This experience was momentous and heartbreaking as the group broke up just before their biggest potential success. Amy channeled this into continuing to write music and later created the groups Crazedotcom and SterlingandAmy in the 2010s. As a singer and performer, she toured with the groups all through Los Angeles clubs and venues and grew a cult following among her fans. She also briefly participated in girl group Hello Girls with friend and actor Meagan Good. Most recently, she has embarked as a solo artist releasing her debut EP Amy 818 with label 237 Music Group.

Her success on social media has blossomed into tens of thousands of views and engagements, and a strong, loyal fanbase. It should be noted that Amy is also wife to New Edition and BBD’s Ricky Bell with whom she released two hit singles “Gold” and “Motion”. The videos for these songs showcase Amy’s dancing, acting and singing in rare form, along side of her talented husband. As a philanthropist, she started the non-profit LoverMovement which impacted the homeless communities in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles areas. Amy sums it up: “I wanted to get all of the homeless youth off of our streets, off of drugs and give them a chance to grow and pursue their dreams.” This venture was successful and a great learning experience for Amy to hone in on her humanitarian and activism for the overlooked and underprivileged. Her sights are set on battling human trafficking, racial inequalities, and mental health struggles. Amy’s faith in God have provided her foundation and purpose and motivate her to continue influencing socially and artistically. Using these platforms in music, acting and philanthropy, Amy is set to continue changing the world and demonstrating an impact in a lively, passion-filled, colorful fashion. We look forward to what 2020 and beyond brings for this multi-faceted artist, and we can be sure she is creating a new way forward through music, art and passion.

Contact info:

Instagram handle: amycorreabell

Website: #AMY818

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