How Can Influencers Increase Their Social Media Engagement?

Social media has become a popular place for connecting and engaging with different brands and people across the globe. The success of brands or public figures is determined from their social media followers and the engagement on their posts. Besides, the algorithm of such platforms keeps on changing, which makes it difficult for some people to attract new followers and increase their engagement.

But there are many influencers who try to keep their efforts minimal yet strategic which helps them to increase their follower’s engagements. Their strategic actions also help them to attract new followers without any paid ads. If you are an aspiring influencer looking for ways to increase your social media engagement, then make sure you follow the suggestions mentioned in this article.

Be consistent with your posts:

If you want people to recognize you by your social media presence, then you have to be consistent with your posts. Make sure to post for at least 1-2 times a day so that people can see your posts daily. Don’t post repetitive content as it can irritate or discourage your followers. Try to keep your feed clean, fresh, and engaging so that people can interact with your posts.

Other than being consistent, you should be aware of what time of the day works best for your posts. You can check the insights of your social media account to find out at what time your followers and other people react to your posts. The interaction time varies for different accounts and posts which can create confusion, but you can try to find average timings and consider that as your best time for posts.

Be responsive to your followers:

When you reply to messages and comments of your followers, they will feel special and inspired. They start expecting the same responses from you on future posts and hence, keep commenting and liking your posts. As you continue to do this thing, they will feel that you are hearing and acknowledging your follower’s concerns, appreciations, and suggestions personally.

When people who aren’t following you see this personal engagement on your profile, they follow you and start engaging with your posts. This not only helps to increase your engagements but also influences other people to connect with everyone on social platforms. You can also thank your followers when you achieve your desired goals as a kind gesture which will help them stay connected with you.

Target the right audience:

Targeting the right audience means using post-relevant hash tags, location, and tags. Most of social media posts remain unnoticed because they are shown in the feed of the wrong audience due to irrelevancy in tagged accounts, location, and hash tags. Hence, you to be mindful of your post content and use relevant information so that it reaches the right audience where they can engage with the post else your post will likely get lost in millions of other posts.

You can try to research about other influencers who are getting better engagement on their posts and find the hash tags relevant to your niche or post-type. This way, you will be able to keep track of which posts should be able to target a specific set of audience. This targeting will help you increase your engagement and avoid your post getting neglected by the wrong audience.

Create a communication platform for your followers:

Many social media influencers try to create groups or channels where their followers can communicate, share, and connect with each other. The people in these channels or platforms are added on request’s approval. For instance, if you want your followers to share their favorite songs, then you can set up a discord music bot and ask them to join it.

You can keep sharing this information to other followers who haven’t joined and ask them to be a member of your social family. You can keep informing your followers about the upcoming events which will keep them connected to you and ultimately, increase your engagement.

Offer value through your posts:

People are always looking for content that motivates, inspires, and helps them to learn about new things. They try to search for social handles where they can get all such engaging and helpful information. Hence, you can create content that offers value to your followers in a way that entices them for more content.

Also, make sure that your posts are appealing and fresh so that your followers know your content type. This strategy will also help you create a unique appearance among other influencers and attract new people.

Enrich your content with captivating description:

You should focus on writing descriptive content along with your posts which helps your followers to get detailed information about it. Instead of writing the generic captions, make sure to put something useful and captivating that grabs the attention of your followers and helps them connect with your posts.

It is observed that posts with captivating descriptions get more engagements as compared to those without any captions. You can try to explain a new technique, tell a story, or motivate them through your words and content. When people see that you are trying to provide value to them from both your post and caption, they start engaging with it and post their opinions.

Create a visually impressive feed:

Your posts should be appealing for followers to engage with it. Along with that, you should focus on creating a visually impressive feed that showcases a specific theme, pattern, or color tone. When people who aren’t following you, come across your attractive feed, they feel impressed and start following you.

Some of the followers will even try to connect with you and appreciate your feed’s appearance. They keep expecting more posts from you where they can share their opinions which help in increasing the engagement.


As an influencer, you would be expected to provide value to your followers which can be achieved by following these simple yet strategic steps mentioned in this article. If you stay consistent with all the factors in mind, you will be able to increase your social media engagements without much effort.

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