Hamza Majdi: A Young Entrepreneur Who Broke Monotony to Succeed

All progress usually takes place outside the comfort zone.”— (Michael John Bobak). 

They say, if you’re not where you want to be in your life, then it’s probably because you’re one of those people who enjoy the “comfort zone”. It’s easy to do what you’re used to doing literally everything but if you want to make progress in your life, it’s important to understand when to break free from a comfort zone which may hold you back.

For Hamza Majdi too, this was the case. Originally from Canada, he is known for his enterprising yet prudent style of business. In the early years Hamza jumped job to job to make ends meet. During his teenage years he realized that he had to stride ahead to provide for a better future for not just himself but his family too. At the age of 18 when opportunity presented itself, he took a plane and travelled to the United States to attend a Network Marketing event. Even though he was young, he still stood out in the crowd of 20,000 aspiring entrepreneurs and was fortunate to have found a mentor there who guided him during his early days. 

After becoming an entrepreneur, today he leveraged his entrepreneurial expertise in a company based on travel, e-learning and fintech. Becoming a distributor of a value driven portfolio suite that solves problems and disrupts the bigger players in this domain is what gave him a big edge. Hamza Majdi, maximized on the proven demand and reliable infrastructure to succeed and quickly coached his own a high performing team of distributors to get consistent performance.  

What limits one’s achievements is sinking into a comfort zone. However, he always believed in dreaming big and pursuing it with actions. Daily discipline, constant self-development and high impact actions is what led to bigger success. He mastered the details and knew that there is no shortcut in life. With his leadership, he acquired sales in millions alongside a team of best performers. Currently, he has over 40,000 distributors in over 15 countries and have generated massive figures in sales. 

Besides creating a successful team of distributors, his most significant achievement is to be able to help the others progress continuously. “Everything that I do revolves around my goal to make an impact on other people’s lives” – signs off Hamza Majdi
To know more about him follow his official Instagram account.

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