5 Ways People Are Getting Free Music Online

There are plenty of ways to get free music online these days with some of those methods legal and some not so legal so speak. Legal or not, getting your hands on music without having to pay has become something of a pastime for music lovers always in search of ways to hear their favourite artists without having to part with any cash.

In this list, we asked 100s of people how they look for their free music and the results were less surprising than we thought they would be. We were hoping for something new, but the usual suspects came up as you will find out as you read on.

Here are the 5 most popular ways to get hold of free music right now:


We will begin with the most obvious place of them all. YouTube is a hot spot for music – many of the tunes here also come with the song’s words so you can sing along. Very rarely do you search YouTube and not find the tune you are looking for and then you one you do find your fav song, you can save them to your playlist.


You can sign up for the free version of SoundCloud and stream music for free. There are iOS and Android apps plus you can stream tunes from a web browser. This platform is where you will find tons of free music from unknown artists who have uploaded their music. You can usually find the most popular tunes just by looking at the stats for each one.


Most people put Spotify and SoundCloud in the same group, but Spotify is a completely different platform. Some people upload their music here but more than anything Spotify is for those that like well-known music artists. The app even sends music to your stream based on what it thinks you may like. It’s pretty intelligent, and if you go for the paid version, you can download music.


For those that do not want to spend money in the App Store or on GooglePlay, then torrents are the way around this. They are not strictly legal and most ISPs will ban the use of torrents if they detect you using a torrenting software app. However, that depends on the country you are in. You can also get in a lot of trouble if found seeding torrents so it is always wise to use a VPN if you are going to take this route.

Streaming Websites

Another slightly unethical way to get your music is from one of the many unlicensed music streaming sites. Once again VPNs are best used when connecting to these sites and you should also make 100% sure that your firewall is as securely configured as possible and at the same time have an antivirus installed. These sites can be a mecca for spyware and viruses.

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