What are The Best Places in India to Visit?

India is a fascinating country in Asia. You can find varieties in culture, tradition, natural view, architecture, and so on. The main reason for so much variety is history. Indian history is too deep. At the moment, when India got independent, then Indians realized how glorious their country is. Here are some examples where you can visit.

Himalaya and Kashmir

The world’s greatest mountain is here in India. Some part is in China, Nepal, and Bhutan but the most part is in India. Those who love to do mountain climbing, it is their best chance to explore the adventure.

Kashmir is the north part of India. The climate is awesome to have a change. And if you want a gorgeous landscape then you may know that Kashmir is known as Heaven in the Earth.

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In Delhi, the capital of India, you can see Red Fort and The Indian Gate. These two are a great attraction for the people who visit this place. Kutub Minar, the longest monument is also here in Delhi. In Agra, you can see one of the 7th wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. In Kolkata, Victoria Memorial Hall is there. These are the popular architectures in India. But throughout the country, you can see small and large creations that will amaze you.


India has forests and some natural parks. Animal reserves are also here. So you can see almost every type of animal here. The zoo is part of every city, so you won’t miss it. In Gujarat, lions in Gir Forest is a huge attraction for those who visit the west part of India. In West Bengal, Sundarban offers you the Royal Bengal Tiger which is the unique attraction here. You can see Rhino in the jungle of Jalpaiguri also.


You can taste delicious dishes here. The main reason is, India is the only country where you can find people from all religions. Everyone has their Speciality on foods. Starting from street foods to 5-star hotels everything’s here to make you satisfied with India.

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