Things to consider during bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is a famous procedure done for obese patients. But you need to know what obesity is and how we can declare that a person is obese.

What is obesity?

Every person has a body mass index, also known as BMI. BMI values range from person to person. A body mass index is actually the measure of the weight to the height of the person. If the BMI comes to be 18, then a person is underweight. The BMI is ranging from 19-24, then the person stands in the range of healthy people. Moreover, when the BMI exceeds 25, then the person is regarded as an overweight person. When the BMI of the person exceeds 25, then we call a person obese. Obesity has three classes. When the BMI comes 30-35, then the person falls in the category of obesity Type-I people. People with Type II obesity have BMI ranging from 35-40. People with obesity Type III have a BMI above 40. Obesity Type II and III are known as severe obesity. These severe forms of obesity are sometimes hard to treat only with exercise and diet.

What is bariatric surgery?

A perfect solution to get rd of obesity type II and Type III is to undergo bariatric surgery. In bariatric surgery, some changes are made to your digestive tract. The changes include making your stomach smaller, so it gets full quickly after eating or drinking a little food and water. Also, some changes are made to your small intestine, making it to absorb fewer calories and nutrients from the food you intake.

Is bariatric surgery always guaranteed?

People who undergo bariatric surgery are seen to lose 15 to 30 per cent of their weight—the weight changes depending on the type of surgery they have undergone. However, no method guarantees the maintenance of weight after the surgery. Some people might not lose the expected weight from bariatric surgery. Sometimes the people gain weight even after the surgery. 

Bariatric surgery does not make a person change his eating habits, but it helps him to absorb fewer calories and nutrients. A person needs to choose healthy foods and adopt healthy eating habits. However, following the instructions of your health care provider is highly recommended. Bariatric surgery in Baltimore provides the best surgeries and gives people the required results.

Cost of bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is the most expensive procedure. It might cost from $15000 to $25000 depending upon the type of surgery you want to undergo. The costs of bariatric surgery vary depending upon the location you live in.

Three most famous types of bariatric surgeries are gastric band, gastric sleeve surgery, and gastric bypass. It would help if you met the set criteria for this surgery and the doctor recommendation is the essential factor behind this surgery. You should undergo bariatric surgery only if your doctor recommends. Moreover, you can get the required information and further assistance from the health insurance company and Medicaid office or your local Medicare. 

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