Things to Consider Before Buying a Gas Stove in India

Without gas stove kitchen is incomplete. But, the problem is arises that what will I do before purchasing gas stove.? And the answer is given below, in upcoming para we discuss about some points which is good  before buying gas stove for your kitchen. So let start it:-


There are two types of a gas stove, conventional standing pilot and on the other hand, there is modern electric ignition.Standing pilot provides a constant flow of gas but consumes a lot of energy, but in the case of electric ignition it doesn’t need to run continuously, but the price of this stove and their repair price is higher than standing pilot. Electric ignition stove is environmentally friendly because it saves fuel.


This is the main theme because it totally depends on your kitchen’s size, just suppose if you purchase a gas stove bigger than your kitchen’s space then you become a fool.

For optimising your kitchen’s space purchase a gas stove with built-in cooktops is proof beneficial for yourself. So, first, check your kitchen’s space and your available fund.

Materials inside gas stove:-

Mainly gas stove is made up of stainless steel to prevent corroding. You also find a gas stove which is made up of glass or fibre which is shakier. You can also choose a gas stove in which heat can moderate the cooktop to prevent from accidental issue. You make sure that the gas stove has a feature to control multiple heats when cook foods at numerous temperature.


There is a various brand available in the market. Try to buy a good gas stove according to your budget. For India the most trustable gas stove brand is Prestige. If you are not able to afford prestige gas stove then no worry about it because there is a large market of brands for gas stove. Knowing the basic things about a gas stove can also help you get some good deals to invest in. If you need an expert curated list for different brands ,you can check Topreviewsguide.

Brass burner V/S Aluminium burner:-

In any nasty condition,the brass burner is promised. The main advantage of the brass burner is that they provide good heat and distribute evenly to the pots.

The pros of the brass burner are it’s set up will do quickly but the cons are the rate of the bra burner is high.Let’s talk about Aluminium burner, it is wrapped and deform easily and provide less corrosion but they have a shorter life span than the brass burner. And the main disadvantage of this burner is that this is dangerous for kids so this is not good for use in the house. The pros of this Aluminium burner is they absorb heat rapidly, price is not high, less corrosion resistant. And the cons is they have a short lifespan and dangerous for kids.

ISI certified:-

ISI stands Indian Standard Institute. ISI is made by Bureau of Indian Standard. This mark is available in electrical and electronic home appliances. Before buying gas stove check gas stove is ISI certified or not. Because this certification provides safety standards.


In the above article we provide some useful tips before buying a gas stove for your kitchen, so please follow all above points before buying a gas stove.

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