How do you know when it is time to buy new stirrups

Horse riders have been using stirrups as a part of their outfits. Not a single thing in this world is permanent, so are the stirrups. People usually spend their money on tack, but tacks are not permanents, and on a day or another, they suffer wear and tear. In such circumstances, a person needs to replace the old tack with the new one. Sometimes there are safety issues in tack, so they should be replaced within time. People need to use safety stirrups as a person will never compromise on his safety. 

You need to know when you should buy new safety stirrups. Here is a guideline about the right time to buy new safety stirrups.

Check your safety stirrups 

Inspecting your tack daily and more frequently is a sign of being a responsible horse rider. You need to see if the tack is getting old and going through wear and tear. Also, you need to check the stirrup leathers, girth, and reins. 

Checking should be done at the right time to overcome the consequences that might happen due to the negligence of the person. Many incidents can happen, such as rein of the horse is often broken even during the horse show.

Therefore you need to examine your safety stirrups regularly. Some safety stirrups have an opening mechanism. The opening mechanism could be a rubber band or a hinge. Hinges can rust over time, and rubber can become dry.

You can check your safety stirrups in the following ways.

  • Look for the fractures and breakage in stirrups
  • Look the grip and pads carefully
  • Examine the opening mechanism 

The right time to buy new safety stirrups

Ophena’s most famous, Ophena T magnetic safety stirrups and Ophena S are reliable stirrups s you may check these before buying new safety stirrups. These stirrups are designed in a unique way. These are rare and are not found everywhere. Such stirrups are the most beautifully designed and are loved by all horse riders. 

There is an open side in the stirrup, which ensures that your foot will be easily released from the stirrup in accidental situations. The foot stopper is also present that ensures that the foot of the rider will not slip out of the stirrup. Last but not lease part is a magnetic connection, which ensures that your foot will always be connected on the right spot.

Ophena magnetic stirrups are the most famous stirrups and loved by all. This company never stops to amaze people with its famous products. You can buy your Ophena products.

  1. Decide if you want Ophena T stirrups or Ophena S 
  2. Finalize your size of the magnetic insoles
  3. Add the stirrups to the cart
  4. Fix your purchase

You will get your safety stirrup at your doorstep within a couple of days. Another amazing thing about this company is that you have an opportunity of 60 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the stirrups, you can exchange or return the product within 60 days.

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