Everything you need to know about pink diamonds

Pink diamonds are a famous type of diamond. Pink diamonds are usually pink in color. The pink color arises when the diamonds are gone through additional pressure during their formation. 

Pink diamonds are most commonly known as fancy color diamonds. Pink diamonds are usually flawless. A person can easily be attracted to the pink diamonds as they are quite beautiful and attractive. People usually get mesmerized by the matchless beauty of pink diamonds. You need to know a few points when pink diamonds are concerned. Some of the most amazing facts about pink diamonds are as follows.

1.     Pink diamonds are created differently

The most famous diamonds of the world are found in kimberlite, but the pink diamonds are found at the Argyle Mine. Therefore it is considered that the way pink diamonds are formed is different from other diamonds.

2.     The rarest diamonds

Pink diamonds are found naturally, and they are the rarest type of diamonds. They are even limited in number.  

3.     The pink diamonds are difficult to polish

Unlike other diamonds such as white diamonds, pink diamonds are difficult to polish. They can take three to four times more time to get polished.

4.     The color of pink diamonds is a mystery

The pink color of the diamonds is rare, and people consider it a mystery that is still undiscovered. People usually think that the diamond’s pink color is due to a structural defect that occurs during the formation of the diamonds. The defect is known as plastic deformation. When the diamond is forced to the earth’s surface, then the structure of the diamond gets changed. The structural defect causes the diamond to absorb differently, and it emits pink light. 

5.     Even the pink diamonds are not created equally

Pink diamonds are created differently, but you need to know all the pink diamonds are not created equally. The pink diamonds can have different shades such as graded faint, light, very light, fancy intense, fancy light, fancy vivid, fancy deep. The price of the diamond rises with the intensity of the color. Pink diamonds have secondary shades such as orange, pink, and purple-pink. The pink diamonds are not the same and are not created equally. You can never find two pink diamonds, the same as every pink diamond is created uniquely and differently.

6.     Pink diamonds are highly valuable

Pink diamonds are the most expensive diamonds. They might be twenty times higher than regular white diamonds. The price of a pink diamond depends upon the intensity, shape, cut, and clarity as the intensity of the pink diamond gets higher, so the price of the pink diamond gets higher.

The bottom line

The points, as mentioned above, show the uniqueness of pink diamonds. The pink diamonds are unique, and they are not found everywhere. If you can afford to buy pink diamonds, then pink diamonds can be the best gift you can ever give to your loved ones. Pink diamonds are the prettiest of all diamonds.

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