Everything to know about laser fume extractors

Fume extraction is an essential component of any implementation of laser marking, which helps in removing the smoke and pollutant material produced during the simulation procedure. Removal of fume helps in the following operations:

  • Boost efficiency by maintaining your laser lenses clean
  • Preserving secure working conditions for operators
  • It helps ensure product consistency by keeping manufacturing lines clean.

The AD Oracle Laser Fume Extractors are designed exclusively for high throughput uses. It bundles a strong set of innovative features into a single compact unit. Sealed loop, Auto control scheme enables the user to configure appropriate flow rates for lower levels of noise and to further support each filter. The pre-filter, which contain two-stages, has a large surface area of 12 m square to restrict filter filling and increase the change time of the filter.

The features below are all available as a requirement:

  • Automatic sensing of voltage (90 to 257 v) to be used globally
  • A closed-loop system, Auto Flow control
  • Reverse flow device design to improve filter efficiency and make filter life better
  • Low levels of noise and small footprints

Different types of Laser Fume Extractors are:

  1. Laser Fume Extractor for Multi-Purpose
  2. This is the most common laser appliance for small to the medium level controller.
  3. It is built to suit in an environment where clear detection is achievable from the source.
  4. The SPH utilizes blower engines that contain huge power to drag the air via 3 phases of filtration consists of a pre-filter for huge particulate matter, a qualified HEPA device collecting 99.97 percent of all air pollutants larger than 0.3 micrometers and a synthetic filter with almost 40 lbs.
  5. (18 kilograms) Treatment of VOC and odor.
  6. Laser Blue Flex bond offers NO BYPASS guarantee.
  7. This package comes in brushless and brushed models.
  • For small operations, the Laser Fume Extractor.
  • Perfect for systems producing low dust, including steel marking.
  • The SPL method uses a brushless actuator motorized at low pressure.
  • Three filtering levels ensure that the pollutants and smells are eliminated.
  • 4 “Pre-filtering with high volume, 6” HEPA filtering, and 2 “Chemical filtering
  • Normal inlets measure 3 – 4 in diameter.
  • Extensive lids can be placed securely in a carriage or inside a drawer.
  • Sensors are easily accessible and repaired by the clung pressure cloth.
  • Possible alternative filter series
  • The machine can be configured to meet OEM specifications.
  • For Laser Fume Extractors the Passive Pre-Filtering Module
  • Multiple layered antibacterial filter sacs with huge density
  • It is quick to edit.
  • It can keep the big volume.
  • The self-contained pre-filter segment could be paired with any available device requiring extra filtration of particles.
  • It can clip to the current SPH400 system as well.
  • Laser Fume Extractor which performs Heavy-duty
  • This is the laser company’s powerhouse fume extractor, developed for working in the heavy-duty area. A wide pre-filter pouch that can be quickly accessed through a handy side panel removes most of the residue, which would otherwise block the more costly HEPA filters.
  • Deepen Odor Filters and HEPA Filter with the big collection bag 
  • Dual super-fast turbines with high airflow and high pressure  
  • Whisper silent, make workplace operation comfortable.

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